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This is another conversation with Lauren at

Me answering someone's comment:

To me it is about remembering our true identities which are inherently worthy and abundant. I narrowing in on the ways I blamed myself for not trying hard enough, screwing it up, not being loving enough, worthy etc.
“Am I just not setting loving intention if I am MISERABLE at my job???? ” I don’t see it as something you are doing wrong, just something you have not yet fully remembered. For me what Matt means is the clear intent is the rocket fuel to support remembering with more grace and ease. I see how over and over I have fallen for the trap of self blame. No more. Sticking with self love, loving every layer that comes up to my attention. I am getting ever more clear that scarcity and any other obstacle is merely a sign post letting me know i am not yet fully aligned with my true identify. No worries, just information to be used to open my heart further to the love that I am. Abundance is like a thermometer letting me know if I am hot or cold, remembering my unlimited nature or not. This missing key (abundance) keeps me hot on the trail, that is no trail, as MAtt would say, to remember what I have never forgotten. Love all the cryptic language. :lol:
dancing unity says:
  • All of this conversation about money stayed with me through the night too. I grok increasingly how I have felt i have need to earn my keep so to speak and have not valued myself at the deepest level. This is the source of my scarcity. Even still I can feel myself needing to justify my contribution and gifts to validate my worth. Screw that. I AM intent ON KNOWING my inherent worth based on nothing other than the fact that I AM. When I read others trying to earn their way out of the pit of separation my heart cries with compassion. Of course that is projection as my heart cries to know my own inherent, inescapable, gorgeous, radiant birthright of BEING the LOVE that my whole heart yearns for. Intellectually i know that is WHO I AM. Now to have it sink fully into the depths of my being.
  • Avatar of LaurenLauren says:
    I agree wholeheartedly with: “it is about remembering our true identities which are inherently worthy and abundant”
    But I also know from experience that lack itself (with the right perspective) IS fuel. There is a powerful, aching message in lack. When we are without (which is SO unnatural to our true nature), the compounding desire (born out of polarity) to broaden our life experiences and have more freedom, is pure, high octane gas that feeds our creative combustion chamber which can ultimately be used to propel us out of scarcity.
    There is also a two part system to abundance…the feminine and the masculine principle. Feminine= am i able to receive? Masculine= am i employing my LOVE (hearts desire)? (exchanging it in/with the physical world)
    where those two (m&f) forces meet (center-point), is the abundance zone…its in healing the separation…and just like with all-things-ascension, neither end can be ignored without consequences.
    Whether money is our medium or not, we are hardwired for abundance because our hearts are magnificently magnetic…if the heart is blocked so is our magnet. But if our heart is open and we are still broke, time to check in with the masculine principle…the part of us that is grounded (or not) in the material.
    “Am I just not setting loving intention if I am MISERABLE at my job?”
    The way i see it…just like with lack, there is a powerful message in misery. Its the souls way of communicating that there is more that wants to be acknowledged.
    Also, keep in mind that “intention” does not work so well here in 5D. In-tention insinuates “will-power”, which is the energy of force, not magnetism. Our personal will does not work in unity because it is an action based in “not having”…in “i need”. We IN-tend to get to/attain something we feel we do not have (separation)…we A-ttend to (consider/look after) those things that we know are already contained within us (unity). Subtle, but life-changing difference.
    In unity we operate as whole, which means all our answers are all-ways accessible within us NOW…all we ever have to do is pay A-ttention to (search for) what wants-to-be…as opposed to what-is. In your case, paying (soft) attention to the message you are receiving from your soul thru discontent…not the discontent itself, but what wants to be birthed from it.
    •  sister, sometimes this paradox has me wanting to scream for mercy. the variations are so subtle and I love what you said about intentions. someone, maybe Way of Mastery, said the only way to use personal will effectively is to surrender. Love how you differentiated between intend and attend. I am sensing this difference alive in me in ever more subtle levels. I’ve got the open heart and now need to ground in the material whatever the heck that means. :lol: :P I am loving the face sticking out it’s tongue as that is where I am, as in screw this, i refuse to take this seriously. Oh yea baby, scarcity is rocket fuel. Luckily I just listened to my buddy MAtt so I am loving the layer that is coming up now screaming, what the heck does ground in the material actually really materially mean!!!! )(*^$$%^&*(^#!@!$^&*()))((*&&^^)
      YUP, I’M A BULLDOG ON a pork-chop, tracking this baby down. My powerful little mind is on overload and may just short circuit which I would have thought was good, but listening to Matt, apparently i need the sucker. Yea ok, i’m sitting on the rocket fuel waiting for divine inspiration to ignite my butt on fire and get this whole mess resolved, ho-wee, what a ride!!!
      • here’s all i got to say to all of this, i am sitting on my deck in the sun, laughing, now tell me this is not progress. a year ago i’d be drowning in a pool of tears :lol: :lol: :lol: :P♡♡♡♡♡♡

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