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another money dialogue with Lauren

Still on my money questions with Lauren from

me (dancing unity): I am still chewing on the money question, why so many wayshowers are in the financial dumps. It feels to me that part of it is a time lock, like it is with finding our soul families, we have to wait for Divine right timing. I know there are many other personal factors yet is a big piece of it a time lock like we are still in with relationships? just wondering :P big hug and hoping your bed is absolutely a Divine comfort
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    the way i see it is the way i see everything…that its all about us, since our outer world is always a reflection of our inner state of being.
    that said, I definitely feel there is a cosmic clock connected to our own individual unravelling process…at least from a linear 3D perspective…which is why we are all at different and varying places on the wholing journey.
    re $$…when we make the choice to unplug from the ”survival” grid (based in scarcity) and self-sustain, we have to undo the entire (false) financial structure (work for money) we set up for ourselves (mentally, emotionally AND physically) so that we can recreate a new sustainable structure based in abundance and derived (magnetized) from the sovereignty of our soulular self expression (play for money).
    this is a process (not for the faint of heart) and usually requires hitting rock bottom in order to face the fear of being unsupported and heal the separation at the core level…in doing so, we ”lead the way” for all others.
    Once the separation is healed, there also needs to be an exchange of soul energy at the 3d dimensional level (physical application of purpose) in order to draw 3d dimensional resources (money) to sustain ourselves in the 3d dimensional world.
    Hence, 5D living in a 3D world.
    p.s. also to consider…relationships and money are both expressions of the sacral chakra which energizes our relationship with desire. a lot of lightworkers i have worked with in the past had major blocks/conflicts/ambivalence around physical-based desire which blocks the grounded application and materialization of wealth and physical relationships.
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      Thank you. Yes, this is definitely a complex issue not for the faint of heart. My wasband helped me break the 3D work thing over 2 decades ago, the last time I had a ”job.” What is so curious is I was sailing along quite nicely for over 2 decades without a job, having broken many of those beliefs. My work was out there in a very small way. I think I just got a BINGO. My sense is my mission is much more global than i previously imagined which would then force me to go deeper into separation/duality in order to break free enough of that gravitational pull to sustain a more expanded effort. I felt it just in the last weeks with my energy fluctuating like a yoyo. I taught one class like the rock of Gibraltar, so steady. My latest class i was internally enraged mush. To pull off my vision I need to clear all the layers and the Universe is kindly keeping me in check until I get my ducks all in a row. Yet I witness how in the past I would allow the appearance of things to dictate my feelings of scarcity. I now see I better definitely put the cart before the horse if I want my internal world to tilt enough before I can see external evidence of my new reality. Definitely a minder bender. In fact, my greatest sense of my situation is that is forcing me beyond the boundaries of my ego and won’t let me loose until I get the broader picture. It somehow seem to entail a knowing of my own limitless nature to get myself out of the starting gate. No way I can use my mind to get there so I chose to surrender to my own Divine will and timing. I am hoping my Divine self doesn’t choose to cut it too close! 8O :lol: :P

        • I’ve been relunctant to post this week mainly because I’ve had a ’huge’ break-through and I didn’t know at that stage how to explain it and the reason I am now is that what it involves what you and Lauren are talking about!
          Sunday started with a situation I’d co-created that had me spending around 6 hours in Emergency at the local hospital – it’s now not important other than it was the impetus that made me ’go’ – ”I give up” – do a meditation – and was given the awareness on a feeling level (and reminder) that we are multi-
          dimensional ’beings’ playing here!!! All my duality stuff – fears, ego etc., dissolved as I handed ’everything’ over to up there – to ’spirit!’ (I got the message that this is who is now totally guiding me.) I started seeing everything from a different perspective! And it’s worked – not that I did it for gain etc. I’ve had the most extra-ordinary things happening that are pointing towards making the zig-saw re work (one reason why I’m here) come together without me even ’trying!’ Synchronicity totally! It – for me – was total ’let go’ and trust!!! And still is in every moment! It’s a very amazing way to live. I’ve done the same thing in the past (let go and trusted etc.) and it’s worked for a bit – this time I’m being able to hold the feeling of being muti-dimensional!!!!!! And stay in ’letting go’ and trusting if that makes sense????? :roll:
          Lots of luv to all Lis :cool:
          A post-script re the money scenario – I heard some-one channel something years ago, to the effect that maybe if ’lite-workers’ won the Lotto this might send them off the path and they could change their focus for why they’re here!? Also the old religious base re the ’eye of the needle’ etc. may have a very subtle bearing on some people and it is very subtle.
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            Lis, too perfect. I just had the awareness pop in strong literally about 5 minutes ago that this is all about trusting my true nature and getting out of the way of my limited/ego self. I realized (again but ever deeper) that this is the one area where i still see myself as needing to be in control, the one area i have not really surrender but at the most basic level keep TRYING to make it happen, yes, from ego. I know this intellectually and at ever more subtle levels. Now I want to control MAKING myself surrender this too 8O unfortunately (ok fortunately :P ) this doesn’t work. so will have blind trust all will be well and my true self will lead me through the maze to my own knowing. So happy to hear of your breakthrough and that you made it through the hospital experience. ♡♡♡

            Lis Blake replied 16 hours, 16 minutes ago

                      • A postscript to what I wrote. During the meditation I was reminded that I was being given a second chance to totally ’let go.’ The first time this happened was around 11 yrs ago, when I was about 6 hours away from dying from a procedure that went ”wrong!!!” :shock: When ”enlightenment’ hit – I was in an ambulance being taken from a hospital in Noosa to one in Brisbane to be operated on. I remember thinking ’okay I can’t do anything about this. I know how critical things are, and if I’m meant to be here, I will be ”looked after”’ and I handed everything over to ’Spirit.’ I will always remember that ’lesson’ and at the same time, since then I’ve allowed myself to be sucked as it were back into duality. This time, ”no” I will be staying out of that one!!
                        The other thing that I’m finding that makes it easier to see things from a higher view point is that when we realise we’re multi-dimensional, we can stand back and stay out of allowing ourselves to be ’sucked in’ as I did in the past. Also I’m training myself to stay out of ’responding’ mentally to anything that’s not coming from ’luv!’ : cool: Challenging – and it’s working!! It means being conscious – in every moment!! :shock:
                        Not sure if this helps and yes it’s okay to blog this and the other post.
                        The other amazing thing (other than all the others that have occured!!) is I’m feeling all the imbalances with my body which have grounded me for 6 months are ’wholing!!’ Yeh!!
                        Much luv Lis. P.S. I tend to create ’major’ things to learn from!!!!! :mrgreen:
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                    ”To pull off my vision I need to clear all the layers and the Universe is kindly keeping me in check until I get my ducks all in a row”…
                    this is the case for every one of us, albeit in different ways and at different levels.
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                  I was wondering LAuren if you could articulate the shift that occurred for you when you hit ”rock bottom?”
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                    Lauren replied 1 day ago
                    well, it was actually two things…one a practical level, the day I woke up to the sheriff at my door telling me my house was going to public auction in 3 days lit a serious and wild fire under my ass. (I will call that bottom) I was terrified and enraged, but I knew fear would disable me so I specifically singled out the anger to use as fuel to propel me out of scarcity.
                    I came here under Cancer sun, so my ”home” and my family are literally everything to me… which was a perfect set up by and for me because the moment that was threatened, my inner-mamma bear came roaring to life and I stepped deeper into my power in a big way. As a result, I finally made the decision to break free from the piety construct that is so pervasive in ”light” work, and start charging for my contribution to humanity. This was a major turning point for me.
                    The core energy shift however, that precipitated the physical changes, came in the form of a ”dispensation” from creator Source. I was so broke at one point and simultaneously so exhausted from ascension symptoms that I literally proclaimed that I was no longer going to share my purpose with the world unless and until I figured out how to sustain/support myself and my family.
                    a month or so later, I was visited by the Lord or God of Alcyone, my home star, and was directed to transcribe a step by step sacred system of creation. At the time I thought it was for a course or book, but when finished I was told not to share the information (yet) but to first use the system specifically to expedite my manifestation process/build my wealth thru universal attraction and secure my financial foundation so I had everything I needed…which would then give me the opportunity to use all my time/energy for the application of purpose.
                    Needless to say, that information changed. my. life. I can now see that it was the use of that sacred information that brought me financially online in MUCH faster way…no less challenging, but much faster.
                    I think it actually brought me to bottom faster, so I could climb back on top quicker…intense, but it worked.
                    It also propelled a shift in my worth, pretty immediately. Up until that point, and not knowing/feeling connected to my self worth, I had given my work away for free for like 4 years and couldnt figure out why I was so depleted. duh.
                    Upon hitting rock bottom, I def found my worth…and fast…and even tho it was scary and overwhelming…it was everything I needed to show myself to me. It also became abundantly clear (pun intended) that money is just the physical expression of the energy of (self) worth.
                    Once we know what, or ”how much” we are worth, the universe ”pays us in kind”.
                    This is why I ♡ money so much…it’s a beautiful and pin-point accurate mirror that forces us to claim our worth, ground it into earth so we can play as much as we want in the material world.
                    hope something I’ve shared eases your strain…
                    p.s. btw, I am def going to share the ”system of creation” with the world…hopefully early in 2014. I think next year is going to so physically focused on co-creation that it will be the perfect time.

                    • Lauren – thank you for sharing so honestly and I guess my money leap of faith was selling my home (my security blanket!!) a couple of years ago to help me proceed on this journey I came here to be part of. I had to face my fears of not having money as a back up re security (which was huge as I’m on my own) and this is where my awareness this last week (i.e. that I AM truly multi-dimensional) is helping me even more so, in that I ’'know” all will work out and I’ll be (money-wise) how I choose it to ’be’ and how I choose to create it! And the extra-ordinary things happening are all proving this. Wow what a week. And strangely also – this week energy wise (other than affecting my T.V.) has been a boost for me!!???? I just thought – okay I’m staying out of an old fear – ’if things get really great – something will ”happen!” :shock: Also I’m finding my body ’imbalances’ are finally ”wholing!!!!” Wow! :cool:
                      Apart from being truly grateful (as usual) for all you share with us – I’m publically stating – I’m more than truly grateful for all the help I’ve received from the Masters particularly this week – for all the nudges I’ve been getting. I even got reminded to turn the hose off this morning!!!!! They’re laughing I’m getting!
                      Much luv and a big hug. Lis. xxxxxooooo
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                      Darling, what a sweetheart you are, feeling so much love and gratitude! ♡♡♡♡♡♡ What a story! Yea for you for the huge leap you made for man/woman kind. Here’s what I am declaring to the Universe. Since beloveds like you Lauren and others have paved the way, I am volunteering to be the prototype to make this sift, which I recognize is the key to embracing my unlimited nature, without drama! I truly NOW that you and others clearing this densely blocked channel will make it so much easier for me. THANK YOU!! So I intend to get the goodies without a major slap. I so get the HOME thing. Our flat was sold out from under us, then our next house, then lost my next house which we owned for $ reasons, then two more house rentals pushed us out now I own my home again. Managed to pull in this home while teaching a class based on the book ”Busting Loose of the Money Game.” I’ve had a minimal level of luxury for about 25 years; went around the world twice, lived in Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central AMerica. But I was always pinching pennies. And I always saw money as the Source of my wellbeing/security. HAve had it backwards. I AM my Source. No more playing small. Tired of this driving 10 miles to save 3 cents on gas!!! My pocketbook isn’t going to let go of me until I get this. I see it is an invitation to step into my unlimited nature and you are a supreme and glorious example of having pulled this off in an extremely abundant, masterful way. Kuddos, girlfriend!!!!! To be honest, I am thrilled you got the download and will be sharing it soon. Less legwork for me to reinvent the wheel. So then our little family can soar into other areas of creativity and demonstrate the wholing to the world. Now that’s a party i want to attend. Whew, feel my energy ramping up for the joyous celebration of my stupendous abundance and success (my annual phrase for 2014 has already arrived with my symbol for 2014- a woman leaping in joy.) Yes, the biggest piece for me was dropping the self loathing and embracing my own love (thanks SAra!) So many of the pieces of the puzzle in place, now it’s going to be a cake walk all the way to the bank. I feel my mojo kicking in already. Again, thank you so much for paving the way. so much love xoxoxoxo savannah

            • I also want to mention how I made a similar powerful commitment to love as you did to financial well being. I was starting to feel separation from my beloved daughter as she played out various traits similar to my father. We were in Hawaii and I was trying to teach her to snorkel. She kept shoving my head under water and I felt this rage. I declared to the Universe ” I will heal this separation from Love NOW or take me out, I will not go on. So drown me here and now or open my heart back to Love. No compromise.” Of course I was talking to myself and obviously it worked. I have never looked back. The road has been long and arduous yet it has always moved in the direction of more love opening from that moment. Yes, I hit rock bottom too from this point, rather quickly with my 23 1’2 year marriage/ relationship dying away. Never before linked that to this moment but clearly it was. Fascinating. Anyhow time to set the same commitment toward my material well being. Enough of this fear of scarcity. BEGONE!!!

              ps. rereading this clearly I have not fully owned my value, but I am now a bulldog on a pork-chop, on the trail and mama mia feel the energy moving!!

              feeling fear come up what it will take to make my vision appear in 3D; letting go of past where manifestation usually included suffering first to release the fear; just did an abundance dance to counteract scarcity thought. fun

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