Wednesday, November 13, 2013

uncovering the diamond-return to wholeness and surviving the emotional firestorm

Yesterday was an emotional firestorm for me. It swept me away with volcanic eruptions of spewing emotions and accompanying physical discomfort. I awoke today calm, relatively well rested and so peaceful. The day is bright, warm, truly lovely. I had a wonderful yoga class and a good conversation. A neighbor sold me fresh eggs, vegetables and even meat from her cow. I felt so good and relieved and recognized how I had contributed suffering with my huge resistance and upset yesterday to the pressure intended to uncover my own diamond nature . I am able to observe that with peace. I then got home to my daughter's huge medical bills, much more than my worst estimate. I can not afford (haha rereading that was the perfect word, afford) to get upset again and I am choosing to release all the ways I have held myself in financial lack and limitation with scarcity thoughts. I intend to KNOW I AM ABUNDANT  and to see this being covered with absolute ease and grace. I am looking forward to miracles and have no clue what form they may take. Just knowing and trusting they are on there way!

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