Saturday, November 16, 2013

exhaustion and scarcity

So many of my beloved friends at are feeling incredibly depleted, old, exhausted and poor. This seems to be fairly common among us first wavers of ascension. I am really on the trail of busting loose of the scarcity game. Here is my latest comment at TWYH:

All of this conversation about money  stayed with me through the night. I grok increasingly how I have felt i have need to earn my keep so to speak and have not valued myself at the deepest level. This is the source of my scarcity. Even still I can feel myself needing to justify my contribution and gifts to validate my worth. Screw that. I AM intent ON KNOWING my inherent worth based on nothing other than the fact that I AM. When I read others trying to earn their way out of the pit of separation my heart cries with compassion. Of course that is projection as my heart cries to know my own inherent, inescapable, gorgeous, radiant birthright of BEING the LOVE that my whole heart yearns for. Intellectually i know that is WHO I AM. Now to have it sink fully into the depths of my being.

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