Thursday, November 21, 2013

Queen for a day

For several weeks I wake up in the middle of the night with a profound insight. Last night was about how I have used comparison in the past to bash myself over the head. I also can give my power away to people i respect, acting the perception of something without seeing if it fits me; i do it rarely yet caught myself a few glaring times.Saying goodbye to those old patterns.
After my awareness I had this vision. Does anybody remember the TV show “Queen for a Day?” I am not sure if I actually saw it or just heard about it yet what I remember is they chose the woman with the most tragic and long suffering story (how 3D is that) to be queen for the day and gave her robe, crown, gifts, the whole works. So I saw myself being queen for the day and it was a global event yet it was based on being the person who had most embraced their own magnificence, the recognition of themselves as a masterpiece. It was filmed and shown worldwide and everyone was watching with huge screens in centers and town squares around the world. I was given my luxurious ermine lined velvet robe with a long train and a jewel encrusted crown and was honored and thanked for my contribution to planetary awakening and universal Love through the extension of my awesome vibe. So super fun. Another of my fantasies is all lightplayers/ ascension volunteers are automatically gifted 5 million dollars for their service to humanity. Really having fun with my new fantasies and walk around with a grin on my face. 

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