Sunday, November 17, 2013

knowing abundance

Still on $ question/scarcity. I see somehow how the rich man can't pass through the eye of the needle concept is revealing. For me somehow the scarcity question is forcing me to reorient myself to a new reality that i would not have to face if i were rich. I am twisting and turning to pass through the eye which of course is really the I. If I come from lack I create lack. I experience lack and thus want to get out of it. The only way out of it is to know the reality of my unlimited nature and then take the show on the road. Finances keep my nose to all beliefs of limitation, the main one i've uncovered now is I don't know how to provide for myself and my daughter. I can say what I want yet that is the underlying feeling. So back to the drawing board. Yet even looking for an answer is a form of lack. I am seeking. Seeking denies that which I AM. yes, the eye of the needle. Yes, the subtle difference between intend (lack) and attend (focus with knowing.) I have felt almost continuous fluttering, palpitations, spasms, flitters, fibulations, tremors in my heart. I know my heart is shifting with these powerful energies, taking on the fortitude of a warrior/Goddess. My feeling is i don't know- help. Yet the only answer is to know and allow that knowing to inform me in every moment. Haven't slept deeply in about a week or more. Woke up and looked at Way of Mastery and was told I am in the perfect place. I feel such a sense of unity in this exploration, the sense that I am doing this for myself and for all my relations, meaning everyone. I delight in how once I KNOW my abundance I will be able to support everyone in KNOWING their abundance. This gives me such faith and joy. What else gets me through is: a la Matt I love the part of me that feels I don't know, that believes in scarcity, that believes I'll never find my way out of here; I know I am in the perfect place at the perfect time to remember my own identity and thus know my unlimited nature; I keep blind faith that my own inner resources combined with the will of the Universe will see me through.

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“Yet even looking for an answer is a form of lack. I am seeking. Seeking denies that which I AM”
The answer to the riddle is not of the thinking mind, but of the imagining mind.
Think of the martial artist who can break a brick with his hand…he doesn’t do this by focusing on the brick, but on the outcome of the brick as broken.
p.s. remember what I wrote to Marie @SPARROWSONG:
“In unity we operate as whole, which means all our answers are all-ways accessible within us NOW…all we ever have to do is pay A-ttention to (search for) what wants-to-be…as opposed to what-is. In your case, paying (soft) attention to the message you are receiving from your soul thru discontent…not the discontent itself, but what wants to be birthed from it.”

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