Tuesday, June 17, 2014

it's O.K.

The way my body has been feeling for the last week, it would be super easy to go back to my self blame, need to fix this broken me story. Yet  since my rebirth day May 8th I have not relapsed into that old conditioning. Part of me wants to go into victim, the "enough already" saga.
Everyone I ask is needing more sleep, falling asleep suddenly, etc. Something is definitely rock and rolling. Blessings Beloveds on this passage. Doing my best to trust all is well. Finding functioning hard again. sigh... Yet at the same time I have had more social engagements in the last eight days then since college I think and I enjoyed them! So up, down all around. My mind can not grasp what the  *&^%$#$%^ is up so I will use my fall back position, trust, mostly because not trusting is so painful. I don't really have a clue so that will just have to do. hoho


  1. *We are Not Complete Without You * Pamela Kribbe*

    It´s not new(s) but so helpful!

    With love to everyone who suffers a little bit since the last big energy transfusion on last Monday,
    Love Sanna :-)