Sunday, June 8, 2014

only love

Just like every spectrum of color is necessary for a rainbow to appear, each emotion is included in the totality as expressions of love. While some feel more comfortable than others, each one is essential in helping you blossom into your highest potential. Being mad, sad, hurt, fearful, lonely, or frustrated doesn’t mean you’ve strayed away from love in any way. It is an opportunity to recognize each feeling like a child waiting to be recognized and embraced – no matter what it thinks or however it feels.

With love as your guide, uncomfortable feelings can be welcomed into your heart and adored for their true innocence and beauty. This can occur without projecting blame onto those who invite your next moment of healing to the forefront of your experiences. Even if blame is projected in response to the circumstances you cannot control, it is a chance to stop and recognize the one who blames as the next in line to be loved as they have never been loved before.

One “I love you” at a time, each aspect receives the acceptance and resolve to complete their journey and returns to the source of origin by dissolving out of your field. Equally so, each “I love you” sent to yourself inspires waves of healing energy to fill every heart. This allows all to be transformed at the rate in which you become your own source of fulfillment. Whatever arises, love that. This is the heart of awakening.

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