Friday, June 13, 2014

solar flares, full moon and best article ever

How are you faring? Super intense yes? Between the solar flares and full moon my butt has been dragging for sure. I have had two, two cappuccino days and looks like today will be another. I have also been blessed with two waterfall days but believe you me, it was hard lugging myself even to the river. Be gentle with yourself my loves. Know there is nothing wrong, you are merely clearing yourself for the remembrance of your true nature. All is well. I have been super exhausted yet I am actually able to say to myself, yup, transforming into a crystalline body ain't easy. I have been able to allow myself to creep along without any subtext of judgment, criticism or concern. Now that is a miracle.

Below is one of the best articles I can ever remember. Give yourself the gift of reading it. Spend time in nature today FOR SURE. S L O W down, these times can be very grueling for the body so do your best to pamper your's with loving attention. I love you. Huge savannah hug.

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