Thursday, June 19, 2014

game changer

Shew baby this little energetic frequency is INTENSE to say the least. And while i did my best to love the part of me feeling depressed and inadequate, felt so finished with the whole process, i must admit loving my exaustion and depression was basically going over like a lead balloon. I actually popped out of the extreme exhaustion and anxious feeling tone ( i choose to no longer label it anxiety) last night during my Thai cooking class. Was it the Thai coffee or the keifer lime leaves? Who cares? The crippling feeling formerly known as anxiety in my spine and lower back is basically gone. Interestingly enough, I semi knowingly ate some food that was a bit off before the class and so last night I was releasing big time, how can i put this delicately? in the nether regions. O.K. kids, something major is afoot. While i knew this intellectually even s it occurred, i must say that finding it benevolent escaped me.
Yet this is the most potent energy i have experienced in a L O N G time. The grand cross was more intense for a short period yet this one was very intense for  much longer period. I am hearing and sensing this is a major opportunity for those ready to grab the reins and ride this bucking bronco into an amazing future. No, it ain't easy and everyone i speak to with  one exception (the local librarian) has been physically wiped out at one or more points. So my darlings I am urging you to keep the faith, trust and hang in there. Hopefully soon we will begin to get the energetic pay off from this pile of sh *i. 

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