Thursday, June 19, 2014


I am sitting out on my deck. A moment ago an owl flew just above my head, tried to land on the dragon heart flag/banner i have hanging just above my head, fluttered there briefly before flying away. Holy moley that is some kind of potent sign. For me it confirms the post i completed just minutes ago. Will look up the symbolism and would love anyone's take on it. What is very potent is that this occurred in broad daylight about 10:33 a.m. Bringing darkness into light? Wow, POTENT!
I just read that the owl is often associated with the Illuminati so very meaningful that it flew, in the light, into a heart embraced by two dragon heads. Will try to post photo of this flag so you see what i mean.

Fun fact: I have been more productive in the last hour and a half then in the previous 8 1?2 days where everything felt like pulling teeth!

Yea, finally got photo posted below. My computer TOTALLY has a mind of its own lately.


  1. Oh, that sounds simply amazing! I should have loved to see that - such a rare and fantastic experience! My aunt always told me that things like that are never random; There's always a meaning to it.

    I was simply stumbling from blog to blog, looking for something new and interesting to read; I think that this blog is IT! ^_^

  2. YEA! Welcome Cassandra! Big hearthug. I know it is never random and this one makes sense to me. Yet I had a nest built a few feet above my deck chair. After a month of devotion, once the babies were born, the parents both disappeared and we later discovered the 2 babies died. Having trouble making sense of that, was so sad for me.
    Hope we'll see more of you here at the love wave.