Tuesday, July 1, 2014

love revolution- being a lighthouse

I am sensing, hearing, reading that we have entered a new era as of today. For those in the first wave, it is time to let go of the focus on healing and begin to live the lives of our dreams, shifting from light worker to light liver, lighthouses. Sounds exciting yes? Perhaps not the easiest to shift gears yet we will see. In honor of this event, I have birthed a new statement for the second half of the year.

I am embodying and living the love revolution, extending it to infinity.


  1. would you mind telling us "your live of your dreams"?
    Do you have a dream and what does ist look like? Is there something left after all of this hard work we/you did (during the last years)?
    Bye, Martina

    1. Dear Martina,
      The life of my dreams is a life lived in harmony with my true unlimited nature as Love. While the memory of this Truth has certainly disappeared from my life at times, appeared dead or at least laying fallow, it has never actually totally evaporated. There are details particular to me but the main point is about the taste I have had of this unlimited nature as love that would never allow that nectar to be forgotten. It shows up in an inner harmony and peace, increasing peace and love in my relationships, particularly with my daughter. It shows up as an increasing commitment to serve the love revolution. It includes details of how my work will unfold, the loving relationship I know I will have with a male partner, the love that grows with my daughter and friends, increasing abundance and enjoyments of the pleasures of being on earth. In the last few days those pleasures have included swimming in the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe diving above gold flecked sand, being revitalized by the cold, clear waters of the Yuba River under a magnificent waterfall, being treated to an outrageously expensive French dinner for my birthday, cuddling with my daughter, being heard by a relative, time with a friend, a hummingbird hovering directly in front of my face, soaking in mineral waters with a magnificent mountain backdrop and so on. For years my live was all about suffering while
      waking up to my own nature, releasing the dross. Slowly I actually have external pleasure in my life. Yet nothing is so satisfying as the memory awakening of Who I truly am. I will hold that memory for you too dear Martina, until that seed burst forth in your life.
      so much love

  2. yes, there WAS a shift. DEFINITELY.
    I sensed it yesterday too.
    I was ABSOLUTELY unable to continue the big things I started ONLY ONE DAY BEFORE.

    So , huh, today is a little bit another energy here for us. It cleared up during the day .. it is calmer than the last days or hours before ...

    Hope things are getting GREAT from now on :-)
    Love to everyone, SANNA

    1. still intense yet sensing my own unlimited nature more and more. Glad things calmer for you.
      yes, change is in the air.
      love savannah