Tuesday, July 29, 2014

simply surrender and more free goodies

I had the opportunity to have a session yesterday with the wonderful "wholer" Doug Mitchell (for those of you local). I feel very different since the session, regained a sense of balance, spaciousness, desires, energy, motivation. What a bizarre experience much of the month has been. This difficult energy lasted longer than usual for me and definitely had me shaking in my boots. The way I approached it was to try to control it, make it go away, use techniques to feel differently then I did. Yet in the end it was an act of grace that shifted it. I scheduled this appointment months ago and for some reason then switched it by a week or so. How could I have known that I would need it or when I would need it? He is booked out months in advance so I just randomly pick date. Or is it random? I am understanding at an ever deeper level that the Universe has my back and I must surrender to receive full benefit  When I resist,  fighting and arguing with what is, it prolong the challenge. In the end it was something outside myself that supported me. I want to direct how this ascension goes, know what is coming up, say yes to this and no to that. Yet ultimately I am clueless on how to set myself free. Of course I must do my part, show up and be with what is. Yet I have really over thought this whole process. I was thinking about writing this blog about surrender in the morning before yoga. In yoga we had a substitute teacher and the classroom was very warm. I was irritated yet chose not to speak up and ask for the AC. I finally decided to surrender and just allow it to be as it was. I swear in that second, the teacher looked at me and asked how the temperature was! I said I was too hot and she turned the air on. I almost laughed. For me it was that darling little universe making sure I got the clue, the signpost that I was on the right track with my surrender choice. Surender is a concept that has taken me forever to get. I cannot fully express it but basically for me it is taking my hands off the steering wheel and letting life come to me rather than me chasing it. It is trusting my intuition and allowing life to unfold as it does without freaking. It is an abiding trust that all is well.

Here's another free goodie, 21 day free meditation series with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I tired the first sample and it felt good. It starts in August.


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