Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the long road to freedom- releasing control

So much awareness is flowing in fast and furious. It is almost too much to articulate yet the one thing that is very clear is that control no longer works for me. I see how I want to strategize and control anything I think might be difficult or uncomfortable  I even want to control others as I do not want their upset to upset me, especially if I only recently regained my own balance! I am seeing over and over how I have made things idols in my life to lift me out of depression, fear, upset. They might be small things like sugar or a cool day or large things like trying to maintain another's love for me or manipulating life to ensure my safety or survival. These to limit me and keep me trying to control life. Lately, they have lost their power to seemingly save me.
For me the road has been so long and arduous that I sometimes get discouraged. At the same time I feel a power arising in me that feels awesome and invincible. I catch more quickly any limiting thoughts and ideas. Last night I watched a wonderful movie about Nelson Mandela and his influence on peace in South Africa called Nelson Mandela: the long road to freedom. It is a powerful movie yet what struck me the most was how long he had to have faith, maintain his vision, stayed true to his purpose. He was imprisoned for 31 years, most of them in horrifying conditions. His wife Winnie suffered terribly too and turned to rage, bitterness and violence. He acknowledged his desire for revenge yet said he had a greater desire which was for peace. He said if he resorted to violence, he would end up imprisoning himself and his people just as surely as the whites in power had imprisoned themselves in their fear and violence in their attempts to maintain power with force. Mr. Mandela was sentenced to life in prison. He had to hear of the death of his son and mother, unable to even be at their funerals. He was unable to see his dauber for over 13 years. He had much to discourage him, make him give up. Could he possibly have foreseen the future where he would be president? It was such a turnaround from a situation that for so many years seemed absolutely hopeless. For me, it applies to our bid for freedom, for internal and planetary freedom. Can we keep that faith when all seems darkest? Can we keep our vision when our eyes are confronted with such despair and violence? Can we stay the course, regardless of the obstacles strewn in our path?  One of the most challenging moments for me lately was when I realized I had become indifferent and apathetic. I wanted to just give up, roll over, quit everything. Now that I am past that point I thank it for deepening my commitment to see this through. The next step is to release the control that has felt like my only salvation through so many years of challenge. Can I truly trust a force greater than myself to have only my best interest, regardless of how it appears? Can I surrender into the mystery of life? This is my intent and I would love it if you would join with me. As President Mandela said, alone we are weak, together we are unstoppable.

My dear sister B. J. sent this to me and it totally aligns with what I am experiencing. Thank you B. J. 

The Golden Age

Posted: 29 Jul 2014 10:51 PM PDT
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn : New Year July/August 2014 Once again you have reached the "New Year" of your planet. As you approach the end of July 2014, a turbulent month filled with challenges, you are now ready to cross the threshold and enter into a New Year of Light, Time and Experience. Will you choose to move with the rising light and into a new level of ...

...When you awakened, you began the process of activating your Light Body and activating your DNA in accordance with the Divine Template or Blueprint for Human LIfe. When you were ready, you were able to receive the Light Codes that activated the Christ Consciousness with its Golden Christ Light, and the Diamond Codes that activated your Galactic Consciousness and enabled you to align fully with the incoming Galactic Light Codes.

The combination of an active Light Body and Light Activated DNA creates a powerful energetic flow that can be directed through the Heart and the Higher Chakras to create what we would call "Core Power" in each awakened and conscious individual.

This means that you have a power and an influence that goes beyond your mind and your simple mental thoughts and judgmemnts. You have a flow of energy that is aligned with the Cosmic Heart and you can draw on that power at times when you feel blocked, challenged, or without focus and direction on the Mental level.

Core Power is centered on the Heart, and it must be felt and experienced, rather than thought about. It is higher than the mental and emotional aspects of being, and is expressed primarily as feeling, passion, intuition and trust.

Once this level of feeling and passion is activated in the Body/Light Body, then it can be directed downwards into the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of Being, allowing solutions and opportunities to manifest in an easy and natural way.

As you begin to work with Core Power, you will notice two things happening. Firstly you will be challenged on many levels, and secondly you will learn to let go and allow the power to flow and create solutions in your life.

The challenge will come from allowing the Core Power to take over and be the leading force in your life. Your mind and your emotions will seek to assert their control over you. They have been in control most of your life, and will be unwilling to just let go of their illusion of control. So many situations will arise where you will be confronted with a choice, to either use your Core Power, or to follow your mind and your emotions, or, as a Master to allow them to work in harmony and in balance. For the "natural" flow of energy is to engage the Core Power and then bring that through so that it may be expressed as mental, emotional and physical energies in the "real" world.

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