Saturday, July 19, 2014

sludge and gloom

having to dig deep to keep a modicum of faith; energy very heavy and tiring. can't find any motivation, passion, even desire. hang in there loves, we got this she said while lying in her hammock, praying for relief, sigh...


  1. (Sunday)
    Aarrgh! I'm with you - only in a recliner instead of a hammock! July has sure provided us with challenges......and a few good times. I wonder if we're picking up "vibes" from all the chaos in the world right now? Add in unusually HUMID, cool, overcast skies, and things get heavier. But....nothing lasts forever. And naps help. :-)


  2. Yes, heat and humidity add to the mix. This has been a rough one, letting up a bit, can actually imagine being remotely interested I things and actually cleaned up a bit, released from my previous rigor mortis. The feeling of it being endless was quite overwhelming. Yet i must admit one amazing miracle has already unfold from this state so i'll say yes and be about my business. Plus a few drops of rain, a fairly cool breeze at 3:30! and a little help from my friends, i'm mildly back in the game of life. Hope things easing up for you too.