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I am running this blog through my being and hope to get in on the page soon. My computer decided to post this before I was ready so I'll go with Merlin's choice. So in the meantime here are some post I found useful. Hang in there my loves. Shew, what a ride!!

O.K., here it is and I'll do my best to accept it it is enough:

I don’t know about you but for me the energies are much gentler yet harder for me to make sense of. I can alternate from the most spacious peace to deep emptiness in three seconds flat. For several weeks I felt emotionally complete flat, nothing touched me. Then a profound emptiness created an abyss where my self worth was swallowed up. I again began to doubt myself. This seems to my new favorite way to pull myself down now that anxiety and overwhelm no longer plague me. (Time out for a ticker tape parade!!!) Here’s what the inner talk sounds like when I get going. “You should be doing more. Why aren’t you accomplishing more? What have you done with your life? Your not exhausted anymore so what’s your excuse? You’re wasting your life. You sit around all the time. Time’s a-wasting. Everybody does more than you. Why aren't you working on your book? At least start your web site. You waste so much time....” The inner feeling is I am not enough and I have to justify my existence. I had initially entitled this “Your love is enough” until I caught there trap there. That is one of my favorite ego devices to justify my existence; if I love enough, then I am good enough, then I am a worthy person. Crappolla. I KNOW intellectually that it is a crock yet I feel my emotions buy the lie when I feel vulnerable.  

Here’s my hot tip what to do when crazy monkey mind tries to screw with your head. Go outside and take a deep breath! I am amazed how quickly I can get off it. When the emotions then thoughts evaporate, I am always surprised I bought the sucker punch. I am not sure what to make of these energies regarding the best healing modalities yet my sense is that we can heal much more quickly without the deeper processes that use to be required to heal wounds (i.e therapy, diving into the pit of our emotions and so on.) My sense is that how quickly we can pull out of our head/ body trips depends on several factors. The first is how much inner work we have already done, how much density we have already cleared. The second seems to be age, the younger the easier to clear. ( I know, not fair!) I notice with clients bogged down in density that quicker methods do not seem to make a dent. Yet I am sure many of you have already done a lot of clearing. The links below offer several quick tips on jumping out of ego games. To summarize what I got from them is when you notice you are caught, don’t ask why these old wounds are arising now as doing so locks you in to the resonance of the problem and puts you attention on what you don’t want thus pulling in what you don’t want through law of attraction. Just say Oh, look at that, these old ways of being and thinking are leaving and then shift your attention and thus your vibration to something else such as a flower, a good meal, a fun conversation. ( taken from Jim Self link).  Lee Harris says something similar. Here’s what I say. Keep it simple. Does the thought make you feel good? If not, it is a lie. As Jim Self says repeatedly, “You can not not be o.k.” If it doesn’t feel good, dump it. The ease of using these simplified  healing methods is a great plus for these times. My sense is there is much less drama and trauma. 
Remember, you are enough and more than enough, you are a masterpiece, we all our. The only question is how long it s going to take to remember that truth. It will take each of us however long it takes. I notice that expectations have buried me numerous times so I stay out of that prison. I don’t know what will unfold next or when I will be more productive. I don’t know what is next on the horizon. I only know this much is true. We are divine and I sure hope we remember it in time! Yet I choose to love myself regardless, at least on a good day. I hope you will too.

Another piece of the puzzle may have just dropped in. I realize that I have used my blog to give me a sense of worth. Believing I need to do something to be worthy keeps me tied to limitation.  My worth, your worth is not attached to any particular achievement. To believe otherwise keeps us small. My understanding is that all the props we have used to keep our ego afloat are being removed so that we can connect to our unlimited nature without attachments. Perhaps this explains why my blog no longer feels so satisfying or delicious for now. But hey, just caught myself in the act. I won't ask why, I'll just know that all that no longer serves us is leaving and in it's place our authentic passion and purpose will arise. I strongly suspect that once I release any unhealthy attachments, I will return to the wondrous joy I often experience writing to my beloved blog family. 

February will be about finding more ways that you have sought meaning in life through your attachments... and the breakdown of this myth. You have operated from the "desire elemental" of the ego defense. You desire to get a "hit" or to avoid wounded feelings through your desire. But this is a child's narcissism, operating through this attachment and desire to "fill the emptiness."
This emptiness only comes from a lack of inner connection to Self and knowing HOW to fill your experiences from that inner connection. This is what will give you true meaning in your life. And these tools and approaches must be learned. We encourage you to seek the education and teachers who can 
model this healthier experience of life. 

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