Thursday, February 28, 2013

good information on what has been going on this February

Just got this information from my friend Kathleen's newsletter. I found it explained so much and helps me clarigy the huge transformation I am undergoing. May it also help you.
love and kisses

From the astrologer Pat Liles on the Aquarius New Moon February 9/10th - depending on your time zone:  “The New Moon may hold the opportunity of revealing any blockages to our continued evolution, and release may not come until we are fully in the watery, Full Moon presence of Pisces facilitating our surrender (painful/enlightening).  The Nodes are on the degree that began the last eclipse period right before the big turn of energy at Winter Solstice – this is a key point being reactivated for release.  We are bringing up for healing what has lain unconscious for lifetimes.  It’s like a cosmic buy-back program, but all we have to do is release to the light what has lain unforgiving in the dark.  If we want to evolve our consciousness, which believe me we do-above all else, then we must utilize every opportunity for forgiving and letting go of what has gone before.  All victimhood and us/them thinking has no ticket on the train of evolution.  Power lies in our ability to make choices.”

and another useful site and explanation of February, I won't be sad to see the back side of this month:

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