Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sophia has our back and connecting to Utah

I won't lie, I was having a little trouble keeping the faith for the last day. Then I saw the good news about the earthquakes having such minimal effects. Now I was on the site to check something and saw a family of light member from Utah popping in and saw someone looking at an old blog. Rereading old blogs (reconnecting to the galactic center- the lines home are now open, June 17, 2012)  often surprises me and usually I have forgotten both the content and any triggering circumstances. This one gave me a surge of both hope and encouragment. I see my two biggest challenges are to keep the faith while keeping my courage and releasing self doubt about my ability to truly pull off this thing called embodied joy and love. Thank you friend, somehow I feel us connected. Together, it feels like much smoother sailing. I wish you all that the road rises up to meet you.

Everything changes today.  Sophia is now fully awake from the blow she took when she was pulled from her home (to fully understand this, you must read the story).  She is now in two-way communication with those of her kind and is setting up to return there.  This is the reason the poles of the planet have been moving.  She has been navigating into position where she could have optimal signal (like the way we get better cell - mobile for international readers - phone coverage in certain locations).  She couldn't phone home until she was 1) awake and 2) in position.
Now she can begin the process of returning home...

...If you knew you were part of a rescue team to help a woman who woke up and didn't know how to get home actually find her way home and the only way you could do it was to be the kindest soul you could be - one who found beauty and joy in the trees, animals, sky, elements, rocks, flowers, and humans around you - would you do it?  What if you knew that conditions were in place to do everything to keep you from seeing those things and instead seeing ugliness, loneliness, ignorance, and cruelty?  It would be a true task, but this is our only mission.  Sophia designed to plan to include our participation.  What we do affects what happens to her.  We are the wild card.
So this weekend, consider all of this and decide if you want to be on board.  Consider joining Sophia's conference call with the Galactic Center.  Step outside into the heart if the natural world and state your intention.  Then, from this day forward, intend to keep yourself in her alignment, no matter what the outside world brings you.  In the end, all that matters is our connection...

Saturday, June 16 - Sunday, June 17, 2012

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