Saturday, February 9, 2013

miracles and non attachment

I had read the news below yesterday about the possibility of earth shifts and awoke today to read of two big earthquakes both 6.9 in Japan and Columbia without any significant damage or injury! I find this very encouraging and for me indicative of the major shift post 12/21/12. I do have a strong sense of unseen support guiding the necessary changes with minimal fallout. I actually was able to read the news without fear or concern. My energy yesterday and thus far today has not been very uplifted. Yet I sense new non attachment in me. 
I am scheduled for a mini one night vacation in a few days. Circumstances may prevent that and are definitely not my preference right now. I am relatively calm about it whereas previously I would have freaked out. I controlled certain experiences to give me the needed boost to wade through the crude. If anything rocked those boats, I would go apeshit. I still intend and see my desired outcome yet will not have a meltdown if it doesn't unfold. The same for today, plans made may or may not unfold. Since I am not jumping for joy today, previously I would have forced my little uplift experience no matter what. Now I await what will be.
I forgot the other day to list the most significant aspect of my being I have healed. I LITERALLY FORGOT THAT WHICH CAPTURED MY ATTENTION FOR DECADES!!! I forgot my saga healing the need to source love outside myself. Yes, it still pops it's cute little head up occasionally for a little wave yet it is so minor I forgot about it!! So it is clear I am now healing the lack of joy I have experienced most of my life. It feels so minor in contrast to how the healing of my love source felt. Now I have more faith that what is unfolding is serving me, serving us. Yes, today is definitely not a joy jump day so far. Yet I choose to just wave goodbye, saying, wonderful, non joy is leaving my life. No story, no attachment. A simple goodbye. I will shift my energy to little aspects of my life I can find a molecule of pleasure in; in this moment the way the light is sparkling in the trees. Do I feel any real pleasure? No, yet that's o.k. I can still trust one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month from now, sometime I will.

My friend Mona channeled that there will be a great shaking both of the Earth and within us in mid-February.  This is a possibility because of all the Earth changes we have already gone through. The core of Earth is heating up and our magnetic field is very low. The core is what creates the magnetic field around Earth. If our core changes than we could have a great shaking called a magnetic pole shift. We have already gone through several shifts of our magnetic pole since 1994 and it has shifted several miles.

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