Monday, February 4, 2013

February embodied bliss practice

Because times are so intense it is easy to get stuck in "the problem" whatever it may be. To antidote that I am creating a forum (or maybe a monologue) to share our joy. I will post five or more things I am finding joy (now with a focus on at least one moment of EMBODIED joy) in each day. I'll do it for as long as it feels good. Feel free to add your list in the comments or to do it at home on your own. Know that if you choose to do this you will be adding to the aggregate joy of the planet and right now she needs it. It will train our attention to focus on joy (EMBODIED joy in particular) and thus, by law of attraction, our joy MUST increase.

I would be delighted if you would like to add your joy list in the comments!!!

- watching my daughter be queen in King Arthur's court
- my wasband came to the play
- watching smoke rise off the pool
- delicious, healthy food at Briarpatch
- three interesting conversations with acquaintances
- Karin coming to the play
- so lovely out
- birds singing so sweetly
- silence
- time to be
- such gratitude for my increasing inner freedom
- working out complicated situation with my sister-in-law; feeling how we both want to cooperate and care for everyone's feelings and needs
- such peace
- cooking with new cookbook
- daughter willing to eat more healthy
- me losing charge about her eating
- delicious salmon and dal
- such feel of harmony
-tenderness and love
- feeling my emotions again!
- arriving at repair shop just as glass people there, who will fix my damaged window; such synchronicity
2/3 lemmy
- sharing love with Panther
- staying the observer as a battle raged within for control
- pulling out of major drama relatively quickly
- seeing so many swans
-the light on the hills
- eating the planned sweet and enjoying it yet recognizing it is no longer so satisfying as I am aware it does not best support my goal of maximum health
- walk in the park
- seeing a loving couple who shared clouds with us
- Trader Joe's
- able to drive home after dark with little trouble
- watching War Games
- delivering many bedtime kisses
- seeing my angel sleep with lemmy and bunny
- returning repeatedly to my intention to be Love despite continuing obstacles
- able to face the emptiness with greater strength
- sitting on my steps listening to the frogs serenade me and watching the sunset
- such incredible peace and spaciousness
- uplifted conversation with Maria
- sweet family meal
- working out balance with everyone's feelings and needs
- staying centered in previously charged situations
- finding my balance again after waking up in a panic
- immediately dealing with the thoughts that caused the panic
- able to Remember Who I AM and return to sleep
- spaciousness
- able to use new inner software to buy the cheapest possible plane ticket after initially moving into upset
- understanding ever more fully our current ability to co-create
- being able to switch levels of consciousness with such agility, sometimes
- recognizing how often old triggers can't fool me
- more abundance with my income
- so much less fear than ever
- so much more trust and faith
- enjoying dates 
- ability to guide another through devastating fear
- sweet conversation with Uschi
- enlivening conversation with Karin
- connecting conversation with Georg
- bedroom cleared of most clutter
- exploring major questions of how to navigate the new energies
- exploring expedited methods of healing with the new energies
- ease fasting
- enjoying my green drink
- experiencing joy and freedom of movement in Nia
- on time to school despite late departure
- waking up daughter with 1000's of kisses
- mood elevated after Nia despite rain
- much greater clarity today
- no cravings!!!
- able to reestablish order S L O W LY in my home
- willingness to exercise
- almost two full days fasting, done with ease
- made tutoring
- not getting upset when I forgot my computer
- empowered day yesterday
- feeling so capable and centered
- waking up before alarm
- loving the sweetness of dates
- water aerobics
- conversation with Marie and Elizabeth
- treasured and endearing conversation with loved one
- pulling out of charge in a few seconds
- new fun clothes from thrift store
- cool scarf from there
- someone can fix my very old and too big Irish sweater
- more clarity
- smidgen more acceptance
- understanding how some people process emotionally, some physically
- able to be relatively neutral in previously triggering environment
- more forgiveness of self and others
- eating sloppy joe's, a staple of childhood
- feeling the intense energy, perhaps from the solar flare, and staying relatively in balance
- sugar craving almost gone, able to eat much more in harmony with body

- eating at the temple
- hanging out with Karin
- helping someone else enjoy themselves
- watching DVD with daughter
- realizing how much old addictions like shopping and sugar no longer trap me so much
- water
- dahl
- able to contain and witness my restless agitation
- transforming desire to escape
- having such an enlightening dialogue with my daughter
- being bathed in a cocoon of love and intimacy
- enjoying my afternoon
- releasing my attachments
- support clearing things out
- wasband's gift of Valentine flowers
-productive day yesterday 
-Good session with client
-Staying calm despite a lot of commotion
- depression exited
-Woke up so peaceful
-More clarity
-Felt inspired for a little while

- felt capable
- good workout with Horacio
- really enjoyed my time of the deck and sun
- miracle of healing early morning
- truly understanding nothing more important than my own Self
- able to surrender
- surrender and flu symptoms disappeared miraculously instantaneously
- power on
- more self acceptance
- understanding a master is one who sees their own unlimitedness!
- celebrating love
- sweet presents from wasband
- daughter forgiving when I was sharp
- huge awareness this morning
- seeing how I seek joy outside myself, just as I did love
- understanding more what truly matters
- gorgeous day
- well enough to make trip
- feel O.K.
- slept ok
- enjoying bubbles swimming!
- translucent stones by waterfall
- hot springs
- beautiful drive
- lunch with Karin, find out she got flattened same time I did. connecting conversation
- acceptance of another's grumpiness
= daughter extraordinarily loving when I felt ill and was awake in middle of the night
- her suggestion I should wake her latter if I couldn't sleep again (wouldn't do it but so tender for her to offer?
- knowing the love that was exchanged then is our true nature and homecoming
- feeling very poorly physically yet not freaked out mentally of emotionally as I was
- really grocking the potency of these energies
- sweet DVD
- witnessing my daughter mirroring my loving ministrations when she was ill
- daughter's loving ministrations
- daughter's support
- harmony
- feeling better!
- not so afraid
- hugs and kisses
- healing sleep
- wasband so incredibly loving and supportive, bringing me medicine's, picking me plants to dry for tea, bring supplies, food anything he could think of it help me
- weekly flower's from wasband
- wasband's offer to help me day or night
- continued love and support from my daughter
- harmony in our family
- knowing the three of us will always be family
- good conversation with Marie
- really enjoyed movie Juno
- relatively calm in situation that is not easy for me
- wonderful think with your heart post
- feeling personal power growing
- good day despite some negative expectations
- restoring myself to health with my intent
- releasing so much weight, physical and emotional
- so many offers of support and appreciation
- sweet video from daughter to keep me company
- able to uplift a friend
- great conversations all day
- planning trip to Italy!!
- sound of rain
- instant solutions
-powerful manifestations
- extraordinarily peaceful and light day yesterday
- a very "boring" day that was so delicious
- interesting new link held me crystalize half formed realizations
- enjoying cleaning the kitchen!
- enjoying cooking!
- sound of rain
- falling snow
- wonderful parent meeting
- place new to me in town
- good book
- time outside
- good conversation
- hugs
- healthy food
- Nia so enjoyable
- really starting to get the Nia moves
- cuddling
- great dinner
- fun conversation with Lisa
- friendship with Karin
- house passed inspection after 91/2 months
- lost sweater found and refund forthcoming
- trying new exercise class, Zumba
- actually able to more or less keep up
good salmon
- daughter eating better!
- hugs
- forward movement
- staying somewhat centered with powerful pushing energies
- anxiety slowly decreasing
- some hours of peace
- back releasing pressure
- family
- friendship
- hearing so many others are challenged in similar ways
- supportive comments on TWYH
- feeling connected to TWYH community
- great DVD about integration 
- sweet dinner with wasband
- connecting energy with him
- lovely morning being creative with daughter
- connecting with in laws
- sweet hugs and kisses
- calmer in evening
- connection with Moonlight and Panther
- getting very humble
- conversation with Maria
- support from others who truly care

- new Pilates class
- getting a lot done
- feeling less panicked
- accepting and even enjoying learning a new physical skill
- lovely day
- nap
- seeing gorgeous hawk!
- feeling so much more space
- recognizing how much exercise helps
- lovely dinner with Karin
- already took a walk
- sleeping very well
- return of hope and faith
- returning to center
- sound of owl
- hugging my friend the tree
- not losing it despite a number of Mercury retrograde screw ups

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