Tuesday, February 19, 2013

mini miracles

I got another hot tip from Lauren's site Think with Your Heart when she said in one of her post that exactly that small thing we need/want will be there for us, like the missing ingredient for a recipe being available yet with only one in stock. These mini- miracles just tickle me. When I went away overnight, I decided I wanted a balloon wind spinner to replace my defunct one which has brought me such joy. While in town, we took a shortcut we had never used to return to the hotel and low and behold, what do I see? Mind you I had replacing this balloon in the back of my mind for a few years yet never saw one. Now it appeared in less than 24 hours. Then I got it home and a little piece was missing. I decide to let it go and enjoy it with it's little defect. Yet later I see a phone number on the discarded package, call it and they are sending me the piece! I also decided to release a large amount of weight. After a year working with my coach, I have shifted my health and eating habits tremendously yet with minimal weight loss, about 15 pounds. Since I decided to release a lot of weight, I am down 8 pounds in about 2 or 3 weeks! Tell me there isn't magic afoot! I am really celebrating playing with this new creation toy. Wanna join me in the play box?

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