Thursday, February 7, 2013

Divine Feminine

O.K. kids, I don't know what is up but my computer Merlin is getting a mind of his own. I was editing an old post from May 2011 and he somehow moved it to a current post! I hardly know how to do that on purpose so I have no idea how this happened. I assume someone somewhere needs to read this post now so I will just say yes and amen!

Just lately I have been feeling profoundly held by the energy of the Divine Feminine. What a surprise. One of my dear friends has committed her life to the Divine Feminine and another has a similar path and until recently I would scratch my head and say, “huh?” I just didn’t get it. But lately I have been so touched by the compassion and empathy I witness in so many women. I see them holding for each other, for their kids, neighbors, strangers. As I have gone through my crisis, so many women have held me. This week has been stunning. On Monday I was at my Temple group and witnessed each woman embody aspects of the goddess and it was powerful. On Tuesday I was at my Mastery group practicing Cellular Memory Release and a beloved friend facilitated TWO of us at the same time, a first for me, through an amazing healing experience that truly blew me away. Both of us having the session were committed to the healing and release of the other, both of us caring so much that each of the other’s needs were met, our facilitator gracefully dancing across every unexpected twist and turn. I was so deeply touched (I am also so tired of the words profound and deep- anybody got an other suggestion?) Today at Yoga I was sharing a sadness about a family member and two slight acquaintances stopped in their tracks to support and encourage me. 
One of the most heartfelt stories that has happened to me was my experience with a woman at American Express. I have been trying to sign up for auto pay for over a year. My husband the computer wizard tried a number of times with no luck. I requested the form three times by mail- the envelope they sent was empty Then I tried email but it was formatted so I couldn’t print it. I felt frustrated and I was ready to quit. I called one last time and the representative promised to stay with me until it was done. I couldn’t find a check and she waited as I hunted. I said oh, forget it, it is too silly I can’t find a check. She wouldn’t give up. She waited about ten minutes and then had to go to a meeting but called me afterward. I finally did it. I felt like I’d climbed Mount Everest, so powerful and capable. It was huge for me to finally get it done and to feel held by a stranger who wouldn’t let me quit. Today I had lunch with a radiant new friend whose story and life touched so many cords in mine and gave me courage. Friends and relatives around the world have been so generous with their time and energy. Strangers often lend me a hand. Men too help me yet not with the same frequency or tenderness.  
I feel held by a gossamer web of such intricate beauty. I feel totally inadequate trying to express in words how precious this has been. I am falling in love with my gender, proud to be a woman. I love you all! 
May 11, 2011 10:33 p.m.

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