Wednesday, February 20, 2013

yes, again

I have been experiencing the most incredible lightness of being and it is GOOD! Yesterday I was in the most gorgeous place. My day was incredibly mundane and yet I enjoyed it so much. The day flowed effortlessly even though, in the past, I would have considered it boring. I cooked, I cleaned, I wrote, I read. I KNEW Who I AM, I KNEW where this is all headed, I KNEW the challenges are only to clear what does not serve me.
Today, not so much. I woke up feeling mildly anxious. Now I haven’t felt anxiety in months MIRACLE!! So to say I am not delighted would be, let’s say, quite accurate as in a giant.... I forget myself. Didn’t I just say that yesterday I KNEW all this incredible wisdom. Yea, right. So I will do my best to hang on to my own faith and trust this day to unfold. I will see if I can get my mojo going and turn the day around. And if not, I will trust that whatever is being cleared now, yes again, is vital to my well being and full recovery. These back and forth shifts are not easy. Yet apparently they must be necessary so I will say yes, o.k. I will accept. Yet this time not as a puppet of these energies, rather as a co-creator. I will not go gently into the night rather see and know how quickly I am flowing to the Light

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