Saturday, February 23, 2013

let the miracles begin

In the last days I have felt an intense loneliness and desire to end my years of self imposed isolation. I knew I need to heal my co-dependency and external seeking and perhaps went overboard.Yet every time I attempted to end my solitude, it would work briefly before I'd be slammed by the next wave of energy that demanded my full attention. Over the last few weeks, the urge to end the isolation has increased. I hunger for community and I want it local!! It feels like I am so done with sitting at home I could scream. I am making changes and taking steps yet the pressure builds. I know it is a tricky line between seeking outside for answers and merely knowing what works for me. I was so strict to end my previous emptiness that I would do nothing that smacked in any way of need. Now I am acknowledging my desire for connection and community and beginong to place my attention on that intention. Let's see what develops cause I am soooo ready for actively focusing on my life purpose and just hanging out with friends, bloody enjoying life! Why not, enough with the too serious ascension, time to play. I am placing my thoughts and intent on creating a life that feels good and is filled with connection, Let the miracles begin.

Later the same day. Everyone I spoke to in more detail today was feeling very similar to me, lonely, isolated, unable to stay home. Seems like some sh*t is hitting the fan, solar flares?!?!? Something is cooking and smells like it is me and my fellow humans. I sure hope we're close to being fully cooked. Not enjoying this ride yet glad I am not alone. Smooth sailing my loves. This too shall pass. Finally doing my best to allow and surrender as the pressure is too great to do anything else. Had a few moments of relief as I enjoyed the sunlight on my table flowers and planets. Otherwise, still in the soup. Hang in there, friends.

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