Friday, February 8, 2013

keeping it simple, we're human too

Yesterday I felt absolutely clear and grounded. I UNDERSTOOD! Today things have faded already yet this is what I remember. I see how difficult it is for me to accept being human. I want super human powers and if I don't have them, I tend to judge myself. I have grand visions and as of yet, no foundation for them. I get frustrated that my vision and behavior are often not synched. I forget how far I've come and how little it takes to make a big difference. I make it too complicated and I don't think I am alone in this. Want to make a difference? Keep it very simple. How about a smile? a hug? a listening ear? a small donation? eating a bit more healthy? a few minutes more outside or moving the body? 
If you're like me, you can remember your Divinity, your time in the stars. You can taste it and find it hard to accept the sometimes dross of being human. I always laugh when I remember a tape I heard in which Joshua thanks us for our efforts and congratulates us on our courage. He say something like, "you don't see Me down there in that density anymore! No thanks." I also have read that different light beings want to assists us and some actually embody yet many can not, as they can not handle the density. Point being, did you get up this morning? Even tie your shoes? Fantastic, you're doing great! Congratulations! We tend to set unrealistic expectations and forget the extraordinary nature of the shift we are undergoing. I say our grandchildren will be talking about how grandma/pa lived through these historic times. While these times are ripe with opportunities for liberation and Love, they are not easy. Each of us is truly heroic merely by the fact that we keep on truckin'. Give yourself a giant hug. Remember the nature of this transition is monumental and a wide variety of responses/ reactions is to be expected. Know that you are a miracle and you are doing great!
We don't have to be Hercules, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Zorro or Harry Potter. We only have to be ourselves.

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