Monday, January 14, 2013

a key investment is the physical body

I have been noticing how self care has become more critical. I am witnessing in myself and other's that there is little wiggle room for self destructive behavior. It appears to me that the consequence of such behavior is increasingly costly. A number of people have spoken of similar challenges when they do not choose to do what is in harmony with their bodies best interest. I have an infection yet ate a lot of sugar over the holidays and continue to pay the price. I committed a week ago to cool it and am feeling very capable as previously it was so difficult for me to cut out some of my bad eating habits. I do not want to instill fear; I do want to point out something I am experiencing as increasingly essential. Check inside for your own truth. Here is today's morning blessing with the same message:

On the road to transformation, your best investment is your physical body. I 
many are operating within conservative budgets right now so I want to campaign 
some pampering on behalf of your biological field of intelligence which is 
overtime right now. Chiropractic adjustments, Rolfing sessions, massage and deep
 tissue work can be quite beneficial for strengthening your cellular and 
components, balancing your emotions and stabilizing your electro-magnetic energy
 field especially during the first few weeks of change over. Be more mindful of 
your posture and how you use your body. Develop the habit of communicating with 
your body - slow down and express gratitude, breathe deeply to recharge your 
  • and your investment will yield great rewards.

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