Monday, January 7, 2013

go outside! spending time in Nature

A quick note. Has anyone else noticed the shift in the sun? It is higher in the sky relative to where it was prior to 12/21 and it is brighter. Two of the best things to help adapt to this intensified energy is to just spend a few minutes outside often. Even if it is cold out, bundle up and do it!! Gaia is best able to help us balance our energy when we allow ourselves the embrace of the  sights and sounds of the natural world. Since 12/21, I have found even just a few minutes of being silent while listening to the wind and birds can restore me to inner harmony. I have developed a relationship with the land and animals and it brings me great riches. Like any relationship, it requires nurturing to have the most ideal connection. Experiment and see what happens. I do recommend giving it some time to see what develops.
I also recommend glancing at the sunrise or sunset for a few seconds to absorb the sun’s new frequency which will then bring you up to speed. This new energy has many gifts if we can adjust to the higher frequency.

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