Thursday, January 24, 2013

love grows, messages of hope

This brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I am reading increased incidents of violent outburst. At the same time, I am reading so many touching acts of generosity and kindness. Which will we choose to focus on? I am even touch by the story of Lance Armstrong. My sense is that he is deeply confused, that he was given the subtle or overt message to win at any cost and now is genuinely perplexed that his actions have generated such antipathy. May we all be gentle with ourselves and each other as the ground beneath continues to shift and dissolve.

another sweet one:

I read another story about a waiter who refused service to patrons who were complaining that a special needs child was in the restaurant with them. The waiter and the restaurant received hundreds of grateful calls praising his actions. I no longer have the link yet this story too tells me the tide has turned. Years, maybe even months ago, he might have been fired.

I also read how politicians now can cry in public. In the 70's a politician's presidential run was destroyed by public tears. Thank God, now politicians get to be human. 

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