Sunday, January 13, 2013

our hearts as guides

You see, so many are missing that the heart is like the fuel tank of your body. If you do not fuel your heart, if you do not allow your heart to feel, you become very quickly depleted and distressed and the nerve center of many human beings, the mind, starts to fray, starts to fragment, starts to become distressed. It starts to find things to feel that are wrong because the heart is being neglected. - The heart is the fuel tank, so fill it. Fill it with whatever makes your heart feel good. ~~Ziadora through Lee, from The Heart of Humanity and Energy Speaks  Lee Harris


I read these words this morning and thought how true they are. I notice how erratic my behavior can be if my heart feels sore or empty. When I am at Home in my heart, I feel so expanded and everything I say and do feels exulted, true, authentic. I have been blessed with a sensitive heart, as so many of us are. Sometimes the pain of not being in touch with the Love that we are is so painful we will do anything to shut it down. This to me is the source of all addiction. Yet my heart is my true north and increasingly, as I open to the field of Love, my heart feels more fulfilled and honored. I still have big waves where I feel myself scrambling again for love or fulfillment outside myself, yet less often and less intensely. In this moment, I am experiencing such a wave. Yet I know the wave is finite, healing and not the ultimate Truth. I currently want to bemoan certain circumstances in my life, even while being able to witness how they have served my growth. I am able to witness a loneliness arising, even while with a loved one. Luckily I have cleared enough beliefs and personal lies to not fall fully into the trap. I sense this is just another wave, leading me to greater liberation so I allow it to pass, feeling it, cringing a bit but overall staying in witness. I find one of the best antidotes for such loneliness is to send love around the globe, as I do as a daily practice. I literally feel my chest expanding as I increase the field of love around me. It feels so good in the expansion mode, uncomfortable as duality plays out and I contract. Yet I am learning to be at peace with both side while I live in this human body. I send you such Love, my Beloveds. May it enter and fill your hearts.

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