Saturday, January 19, 2013

baby steps

I am going through an interesting shift and not feeling the urge to write. I am aware I am letting go of a part of me that I saw as essential to my identity and am only slowly recognizing how it has limited me. I am allowing time for this transformation to unfold.

I will copy a comment I made for a wonderful project listed below as some indication of where I am presently:

Thank you for clarifying your intent and the best way to support this wonderful project. Here are a few of the things I have noticed with Matangi’s assistance. First, my life long addiction to sugar significantly subsided and I have been able to eat in much great harmony with my body’s true needs. At the same time “ordinary” food has never tasted so delicious! I am aware of subtle flavors and my food which I use to consider boring now taste divine. I notice so much more peace and tranquility. I am able to stay out of ego drama ever more effortlessly. I can often watch a loved one make outrageous statements without reacting or needing to be right. As though I am a martial artist, I can merely step aside and let the energy pass. I notice my face is changing shape and that the corners of my mouth that used to always turn down, as both my parents’ did, are often in a half smile and remained more turned up. I feel more spacious and have been able to slow way down. I recognize how when I move fast, I lose presence so now I frequently can slow down enough to stay in the moment.
Family harmony is greatly increased. My animals (bunny and cat) are much more affectionate and want to be held more.
Everything appears in sharper focus and the light seems brighter to me. Everything seems so vivid. Little details delight me like the pores of my cat’s nose sparkling in the sunlight. I find it so delicious to be outside and soak in the warmth of the sun on my legs. The sounds of the birds can bring me to tears of joy.
Perhaps most of all the feelings of struggle and overwhelm that have plagued me all my life are dissipating. I feel increasingly at Home in myself. A few years ago I recognized how alien I felt on this planet and how I wanted Scotty to beam me up. Now I am happy to be here, to be me, to be alive. I am finally learning how to enjoy being embodied where as previously I avoided landing in myself. The feeling of homecoming moves me to tears.
These are a few of the things I am noticing and am so enchanted you are doing this. Some of the shifts have been ongoing in the last months yet they have been considerably heightened lately. Some, like the sugar and increased sense of taste and staying out of ego drama ever more effortlessly are particular to when Matangi began supporting us.
The oracle report helped ground me through the difficult times, letting me know I was not crazy or alone but right on target. What 

a pleasure to be able to give back!!

I came across this sweet post which I pass on:

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