Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whose responsible for my life? Finding our inner authority

Three forces have come together to support me in taking a closer look at this question. The first was a blog by Wes from Aquarius Paradigm. Apparently some people are targeting their disappointment about 12/21 at him and making him responsible for what they chose to believe would occur. He is such a delightful, wise, generous kind man I was disheartened to hear others were expressing their frustration on him. The second was a post I saw from Lee Harris, below, where he talked to a channeling friend whose guides told her to go eat an apple. She did it and then they asked her why she did it. She said, because you told me to. They asked, but why? They wanted her to realize that she must be the ultimate authority in her own life and not surrender that responsibility to anyone, including her channeled guides. 
The third trigger was this morning in a conversation with my friend and spiritual partner Uschi who told me one of my blogs didn’t resonate with her. That’s when the big bingo went off in my head. It is critical that we be the authority in our own lives. We have been trained to surrender that inner wisdom to people in positions of “authority” such as doctors, teachers, gurus, religious figures, relatives or even government. This is not desirable particularly as structures continue to collapse and the ground beneath our feet is constantly shifting. We must trust ourselves to know what is best for us and not surrender our choices to anyone else. Only we have lived with ourselves our entire life and only we will be held accountable for our choices, The temptations to let another make the decisions for us can have unfortunate consequences when things don’t turn out as expected. We lock ourselves into the victim/aggressor/savior or rescue triangle. We keep ourselves enslaved, a puppet on the string of whatever authority we want to save us. We are too magnificent to limit ourselves in this way. Please, always check everything you hear against your own wisdom. Does it feel good? How does your body respond? Are you getting red flags. The choice and consequences are ours. 
DEveloping our own inner authority and wisdom can be hard work. I have spent decades developing my inner strenght. It feels easier to depend on another and then blame them if it doesn't turn out as we wish. I know I have done this numerous times. Yet as I continue my commitment to my own inner growth, this choice is no longer accepatable. This is not to blame those who are doing this as clearly it is done from lack of awareness. It is just a little wake up call. Always consult the oracle within. But hey don’t listen to anybody about this, including me.

Lee Harris   http://youtu.be/GDWBxOhmvOk 


  1. and to you!!! I hope nothing will prevent you from KNOWING what a gift you are!