Wednesday, October 1, 2014

committing to coming Home and abundance clinic

I was just reflecting on commitment. As I look deeply, I have made four profound soul commitments, each of which after years of attention I later upgraded to an even more encompassing promise. Three of the commitments were to people, first to mySelf, then to my husband and then my daughter. Each one was a very heartfelt, soulful vow. I also committed to assisting others in ending suffering as I battled my own anxiety. This commitment has morphed into my passion and life purpose. My commitment to my wasband has shifted to one of friendship and family and away from the promise of a wife. But it is the first commitment I dedicated myself to that I want to review today. On New Year's Eve 1987  I swore to change my life. I had no idea what would be entailed, I just knew my surface level life of working, playing, living for everyday pleasures was not satisfying to  me. I had no clue where the journey would take me. It turns out it has taken me to this moment. My vision for my life's work came later and gets clearer all the time. It turns out it is taking me Home, to my own heart, to my own body, to my own magnificence.
I made another commitment a few days ago. I will see if it turns out to be an offshoot of one of my previous commitments or its own entity. It was to abundance. I am still not ready to write about what I have discovered other then to say I had never fully committed. I thought I had yet I had left the door open to going backwards, changing my mind, fluctuating, entertaining doubt and general subterfuge. It is not until a few days ago I could see this. I would have sworn I had committed. It probably was the abundance clinic video listed below that helped me clarify my commitment. My point here is commitment is absolutely necessary to get anything realized. Right now I see it as vital to commit to waking up from our slumber, dedicating ourselves to choose love rather then fear. I know it is not welcomed to hear that this is now a required course here on planet Earth but that is what I see. It is time to get off the fence and commit. The commitment will open up so many doors. It is a special medicine, one I sometimes call "open sesame" medicine. Doors will open, opportunities will arise that we could not conjure up in our wildest imagination. Darlings, it's time. Will you commit with me to living in a world filled with love. It begins in your own heart.

For those also ready to commit fully to abundance, below is the video I watched with a caveat. 

abundance clinic

This video on abundance will be free until Nov. 9. While I do not love this presenter's style as I am considered it could lead to self judgment, I still found the video quite valuable. Just be sure you love yourself, no matter where you are with your finances, abundance.

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