Wednesday, October 22, 2014



I am so excited. News flash: I AM ABUNDANT! There is only one reason this is so. It is because I KNOW who I AM beyond the level of thought. That has been the gift of the eclipse wormhole which ends tomorrow. This knowledge and certainty is dropping below thought into being. Now this has been a process for sure and I have so much compassion for the woman I was who judged and belittled myself for it taking so long, being so arduous, seemingly being mission impossible. Am I fully awake? Not even close and that is O.K.
I just skimmed a book I had read 9 years ago yet not fully grasped; Eye of the I, by David R. Hawkins.  It helped me drop even more. He speaks of calibrating levels of consciousness and how a small group of higher consciousness beings can hold the energetic of the entire planet from self destructing. This helped me affirm ever more deeply my worth and yours. That you are interested in reading this means you are among a small group of people interested in shifting your consciousness back to your true Identity. YOU are helping hold the energetic of an entire planet. Can you feel that? Can you own that? Can you celebrate your magnificence?
Anyway love calibrates at 500 and unconditional love at 540. It was my life dream to reach that level and now I have. I am somewhere between 500-540. With this ownership which belongs to each of us, the paradigm shifts and all is well. As I wrote yesterday, it no longer interest me what my eyes show me. I am going to be very transparent so you know I am not just blowing smoke here. I have not had less financial resources for almost 30 years. I made $25 dollars in the last two months which exactly covers my cost for advertising my class. It does not interest me at all because it has NOTHING to do with my safety or well being. I actually see clearly why this was necessary and how this extreme contrast helped me wake up out of illusion. Can you taste that? I AM ABUNDANT. I AM ABUNDANT. I AM ABUNDANT and so are you. Now this happens to have been my issue du jour that was holding up my remembrance of my nature. I know this one affects many highly conscious heart centered love wave people. I could explain why but it does not really matter. What matters is moving past that illusion. I am revealing some personal information so when I share with you later how abundant I AM, you won't say well that's her, I could never do that. Baloney. It is an inner reality you must own, nothing more. Yes I know that nothing more is an itsy bitsy task but no matter, it is now available on this planet in a way it never was before. So will you jump up and dance with me? (pause for jig of celebration.) If you read my previous blogs, you will see the specific things that helped me remember. On my new web site I list tools and resources to help you. Together we can do this my beloveds. YES WE CAN. So when you read about how outrageously successful and abundant I AM, don't be surprised or jealous. Just join me. I also want to share I still have the time to answer questions or comments but I can not say for how long this will be true, my dear ones. So you shy ones, if you have any questions or concerns you can ask guru girl (she said tongue in cheek.) What holds you back the most? What scares you the most? What brings you the most love and certainty? Feel free to comment below if your heart moves you to do so. I love you and am sending a HUGE love wave of certainty about WHO WE ARE, WE ARE THE BELOVED! Don't you forget it.

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