Friday, October 17, 2014

supreme consciousness

Yea baby, definitely some interesting energy up lately. It has been very mixed for me. I had a luscious mini vacation where I was present and enjoying myself despite periods of deep fatigue. I am learning to love my quirkiness and become spiritually irreverent. In fact my newest spiritual practice is to give people the finger, discreetly, of course, whenever they drive me batty, It always brings a smile to my face and the frustration or anger dissipates quickly. Boy did I need it after holding with Blue Shield insurance for 1 hour, 23 minutes and 30 seconds! So it is lovely not to be so spiritual correct and obedient. In fact based on my contribution, my sacred dance group has decided to erect a temple to the bitchy, nasty,  "f" you parts of ourselves and celebrate their divinity, Whoopee, what a ride!
Other times I have left the old loneliness sucking at my legs with tears of neediness emerging. The difference is for the most part I can just let them come and go. I really don't make a story about it, yea, yea, not too often. I can generally just flow with it. I am beginning to get a taste of the knowing of our supreme consciousness, our Divinity, our scintillatingly gorgeous selves, beyond the level of thought, keeping true to my vision of knowing myself as Love. And what a bloody relief to not have to do it perfectly, to be ok with being angry, with judging myself, with being fed up. How lovely to just let that be, not have it mean anything or need to get out the spiritual whip. For a former Type A spiritual compulsive, what a relief! You have no idea. Not to associate Love with some pious Catholic, sinless holier then thou way of life. Ah, it is yummy, wanna join the fun?

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