Friday, October 17, 2014

nutritional support to allay fear

For me the whole virus thing is just something being ratcheted up to give us one more choice to move into fear. My best idea about this is to ignore the way this fear is being manipulated to scare the shit out of you. My choice is to choose love, bypass the fear. But in case that doesn't work, try this from Greg von Haesler.

As some of you may know I'm a personal nutritionist, so this is looking at disease from a nutritional perspective.

Little do people know, but Iodine is used to cure aids. Selenium is used to fight cancer. Zinc is used as a general immune system supplement all around.

So I advise everyone to start loading on iodine today. If it's not Fukushima radiation, it's ebola. Iodine regulates the thyroid gland. In many ways Iodine and the Thyroid control the immune system of the body. Most people are replete (deficient) in this necassary nutrient. You should start loading on iodine today, because a healthy thyroid should kill virtually all diseases/viruses entering the body.

Selenium compliments the iodine and works with the thyroid. Zinc also enhances thyroid effects. All in all selenium and zinc both buffer the immune system response of the body and with this trifecta of nutritional supplements one should be ok from the ebola plague.

In the event of a localized emergency, or trauma, have colloidal silver on hand. Colloidal silver is said to kill the aids virus and is also said to kill the ebola virus. It is unpatentable however so it is not being marketed by big pharma [since it's unmarketable], but it will kill ebola nonetheless.

I hope this helps. I also run a nutrition group called the iodine truth group on

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