Sunday, October 5, 2014

flying trains, transforming scarcity/limiting beliefs and the now

I worked for the railroad for over a decade. Once after leaving Chicago, a woman asked me when we would be taking off. I said we left Chicago over an hour ago and that she could see we were moving merely by looking out the window. She said, "No, take off." We went back and forth with me telling her we were  in motion, we were on our way and with her repeating the same question. It finally dawned on me. I asked, "You mean take off, like fly?" She nodded yes and I responded "trains don't fly." At the time, I thought it was hysterical how naive she could be. Yes, I was judgmental. Now I bow to her innocence, knowing she must have been a very inexperienced traveler, perhaps amazed with wonder. 

This story came back to me the other day even though it occurred decades ago. For me releasing two of my most persistent limiting beliefs has felt like learning to accept that trains fly. So I decided to use that as a catch phrase to remind me of my unlimited nature and the absolute possibility for the miraculous. My spiritual patenter and I agreed to say that when we see ourselves accepting an erroneous limitation, particularly in the area of abundance. I am now beginning to taste this level of awareness of the miraculous, of abundance even though it is still a stretch. I want to document it here so when I am fabulously abundant, there will be a trail of breadcrumbs for others to follow.

So the two beliefs that have kept me looping are "the more I spend the less I have" and "money is the source of my security and safety." Now I know I come by them honestly and while my mind knows they are 3D it still has not yet fully leapt to 5D where those statements are totally erroneous. For years I could not even accept the real possibility that these are false. Now I know intellectually that they are false yet it has not yet fully landed in the most dense level of physicality, accepted by my nervous system. I am so delighted by how many things that use to drive me around the bend don't even cause a flinch. So liberating. Yet these two still were tripping me up, at least until now. Now I can feel them want to push my head under yet each time I feel the contraction I either affirm  
I AM ABUNDANT or I say ALL IS WELL. Listening to Crimson Circle's Abundance Clinic and to Matt Kahn's Angel Academy yesterday, week 2 are what helped me jump to this new awareness after many years of attention, intention, TRYING. I understand so much now. How my intention was actually based on a certainty of lack with the prayer to jump away from that scarcity by intending the opposite. I understand what Matt was saying yesterday in the angel academy. Break for commercial announcement, for me this last angel academy session was very powerful and worth the whole experience for how it helped me shift. I knew that limiting beliefs are very sticky and they a large part of what I do professionally, supporting others in releasing them. Yet I kept getting nudges that there had to be a better 5D way to move them. Matt explained this brilliantly. So it is a law of consciousness that what is set in motion stays in motion infinitely so if I focus myself or my clients on releasing pain or beliefs it can become an endless game of releasing. So he suggests rather then trying to monitor or change your thoughts or believes,  instead replace them with a higher vibration, more dominant truth/thought. We set into motion within our subconscious a commitment to love whatever arises, always. He recommended using the powerful phrase ALL IS WELL to anchor higher vibrational energy. As I wrote yesterday, I already picked up on that energy of all is well. So when a fearful thought arises, you can send I love you's to the one that is afraid and/or repeat as a conscious mantra, "All is well." He suggests as much as possible to say it out loud. This high vibration truth when repeated often enough with attention, not mindlessly like a drone (my words) will move the thought of "all is well" in the subconscious from foreign to familiar. Our world is a reflection of our most predominant beliefs, thoughts about our reality. Presto, change-o,  by moving it from unfamiliar and rejected to familiar and accepted, in time your world must shift to reflect your new inner reality. The mirror will always reflect the deepest inner experience. Thus sabotage, scarcity, fear shifts when "all is well" become our predominate thought that has replaced unconscious limiting beliefs, memories and behaviors. We affirm something at a higher level which replaces the limiting experience. This new phrase is set in motion perpetually and shifts our cellular memory and reality to our highest aspirations,  Does it make sense? So bottom line, repeat as often as possible when fear or limiting beliefs arise. ALL IS WELL. He suggests trying it very consciously and deliberately for a week. Of course, listening to his presentation will bring in the awareness much more powerful then my typed words. I felt the power of this method to shift beliefs. It totally lines up with my understanding of these new 5D possibilities. With pain, feel it and send either I love you's and/or affirm that all is well. So feeling terrified, wow, proof all is well. A mind bender I know but isn't that the point? To bend our minds away from our limits? Then rather then as I was trained to do, looking for the pain to release it, merely notice it is there and affirm all is well to transform the experience to a higher vibration. Searching for our painful experiences and beliefs was a powerful healing modality in 3D yet in 5D can keep us looping in the release process, endlessly creating more to release. This allows us to transform without needing to create more pain. Each of us most evaluate for ourselves what works. My sense is we may need to release enough to even accept the possibility of another easier way to release so trust and love yourself enough to see what works for you. I see that what use to work for me, maybe even for years, sometimes no longer does and I must shift to what currently is effective. The one thing I know for sure is the only thing that truly matters. You are a miracle. You are Love itself. Never judge yourself, your experience, your way of being, your problems, your ways of seeing things. It is all perfect. All is well. We are each unique and must find our own path. Darlings, may you soar through these times, aware of the miraculous possibilities and opportunities for stunning transformation. May you know how deeply you are loved, you are love. Remember,


Later: this has been a challenging day, few days for me. One of my deepest fears has resurfaced after years of relative quiet. I have been bathed in a cascade of tears. I sat outside on a rock, allowing the breeze to caress me as my fear seemed to sweep me into a torrent of old energy. It felt as though I were back at the beginning of this journey, with little progress. The temptation was to be emerged in the old, to pick up that old baggage and start to carry it again. Yet I reminded myself that to be on a flying train, I need to travel lightly. I do not choose the pity party, to be a victim, to reenter my sob story. I chose to keep my hand open in a gesture of surrender, allowing a Mystery greater then myself to continue the alchemy of turning my old fears into the gold of consciousness. I choose to know this is washing me clean of all that no longer serves me. I do not go into the past of my history or the future of my potential story to try to disentangle myself from what is arising. I merely witness, love myself and know ALL IS WELL. My darlings, I know this is not a cake walk. Yet i know the riches of inner freedom and joy that are present to us are a jewel worth the price. I look back to myself just five years ago when this journey dropped me off a cliff. I look to the woman I was; despite years of personal growth, therapy, becoming a therapist, reading every book I could find, so much of my heart was still in solitary confinement. Do I wish this journey was easier, faster, less involved? Yes. Would I go back if I could erase the pain of the last years if I also had to let go of the freedom and deep love for myself and others I am now experiencing. No, I would not. So I continue to say yes, even through the tears, even as I wish this day were over.

I must also recognize that while it was a painful few hours, the actual peak of intensity was probably much less then an hour, perhaps 25 minutes. Since then it has subsided greatly. I let it go with open hands and heart, devoted to my own awakening to the Love that I AM.

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