Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Who wants to play the abundance game?

I have been playing the abundance game for years with moderate success. I have owned 3 homes, been around the world twice, lived and traveled abroad for over six years, taken every educational/personal growth opportunity I desire, adopted a child and worn fantastically fun, playful jewelry and clothes. Not too shabby. Yet I've done so always worrying about money as my net worth soared and nose dived numerous times. I have taught two or three abundance classes yet I always wavered with my intention and did not stay focused. This time feels different. Since the recognition that my second thought when my daughter was evaluated for surgery was "how much does it cost?" I have been committed to ending the scarcity in my life. That just was NOT working for me. No more having money as the nagging thought that doesn't leave. I have had tremendous freedom to live as I choose yet have done so with constant worry about paying for it. The surgery in October pushed me into committing to complete financial freedom. Listening to Matt's UTube posted below finalized my commitment. I recognize I am where he was and seeing how quickly he turned his scarcity around (three months) helps me focus more intently. He said his main gift was his relentless focus. I am capable of that too. So I am committing this time to be a bull dog on a pork chop with abundance. No turning back. I had just posted all those blogs about abundance and then hearing MAtt's video clip told me it was time to saddle up the horse. Since I began playing my abundance game this time around, I have attracted $4100, $3000 through a forgiven debt and $1100 from pure magic. Plus a gorgeous mermaid statue, new clients, new students, new work opportunities, new support to get my passion to a wider audience. Also someone who I gave money too over ten years ago spontaneously decided to pay me back.
F U N !!! 
So here is how the game is played. See abundance everywhere. Choose only abundant words. I sometimes dance when a bill is due or when I feel scarcity trying to pull me into its lure. I am relentlessly focused on loving myself, recognizing my intrinsic worth, loving everything that arises, releasing all complaints. I look for and see abundance everywhere. I A M   F O C U S E D! I do not let my attention waver from my intention. Students, clients, work, opportunities, blog readers are showing up in record numbers. I have had more students/clients this week then in years. So want to play with me as an experiment. Feel free to join in and report in the comments all your success and abundance pouring in. That is another thing I did. I have an Aquarius charm of a sensuous woman carrying an urn with liquid spilling down on to her from it. I see it as abundance constantly spilling on me with an endless supply. Wearing it keeps me focused on my intent. If you'd like to declare yourself relentlessly focused on abundance, feel free to tell us in the comments. Whoopee, what a ride! 

p.s. just for fun, I found a photo of me that got taken accidentally on photo booth back in January and one taken just now and posted them on the bottom of this blog. Take a look, So abundance is not only good for the pocketbook, it is good for the face, for beauty. Scarcity ages us, abundance youthens (I just created a new word, feel free to use it) us. I didn't even comb my hair for the photo, just took it as I was radiating abundance. For me that is a stunning example of how profoundly we can shift our reality and even our appearance!
p.s.s. just had fun at my bank volunteering to help out in their vault and luxuriating in being surrounded by so much money. (they didn't take me up on my offer) I AM so abundant I am just totally surrounded by money. I have my friends at the bank doing the a bun dance too! party!


  1. tell us about your classes and work with clients. or do we find something about on your blog?
    Good morning kisses, Sanna

  2. My classes are local. One is conscious parenting and the other is called Mastering the Energy of Love. I lead them out of my house and have people connecting to Gaia through walking on this gorgeous land. Everything I write about here I teach in my classes. I do Cellular Memory Release sessions by phone or Skype to guide people in remembering their true nature as love. Anyone can email me at for further information about sessions. I just spoke to someone to get technical support getting my web site up and eventually doing on line classes, webinars etc. Slow but sure. Thanks for asking! Let me know if you have specific questions. Good morning to you dear Sanna.

  3. My dear friend Uschi asked me to post her comment coming to us from Austria:

    Hey you, colourful girl!
    Just love your last blog!!!

    So much balm as a balance to my opposit experience l had last week....
    And l get you DID read oracle report...I could not see the dancing bun in the flower she posted until now,...but l got a sort of angst about march 30 and following you concentrated on the beautiful part of her text and I on the " oh my gooody...what comes now".... of course I will concentrate on the positive thinking part,... but still she seeded fear too in me.....,maybe fear is the wrong word,maybe it is more getting static,not moving,waiting in place.....
    And l recognise that l experience this in other parts of my life too...
    So the abundance practise comes in time and first l thought l need another word....,but
    Then in part of your explanation........." ...the permission to let yourself do or be what you love..." comes quiet close to it

    THANK YOU !!!


  4. Sanna,
    In case you are interested, here is the latest information on my next local class in Nevada County:

    Dancing in the field of abundance

    Many of us devote a significant portion of our life force to securing our financial well being. This focus often takes us away from pursuing our passion and dreams. This circle will provide tools to begin to create our own field of financial independence. Savannah Hanson brings over two decades of professional experience as a therapist, healer, facilitator and consciousness guide to the intent of living in financial freedom. Using simple tools from Matt Kahn and from Cellular Memory Release we will be playfully exploring dancing in bountifulness (a bun dance).
    Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422
    Cellular Memory Release Practitioner