Saturday, March 15, 2014

angelic energy

This feels right on from
Saturday: Gibbous Moon Phase - trust, prepare, analyze, digest, magic
Sunday: Full Moon Phase (1:08 pm ET/5:08 pm UT): illumination, realization, relationships
Every year as the Sun moves to the last degrees of Pisces, we have a five day block of time that provides the most etheric, alchemic, esoteric, and angelic energy of the entire year.  This time begins Saturday.
This may feel rather conflicted with what is going on around you and what is going on in the world.  Perhaps you are not feeling particularly etheric or esoteric.  But this is the energy nonetheless.  It holds raw potential for successful manifestation/production in the physical world at a later time.  It is like someone gives us a fresh hunk of clay, we make a representation of something, and depending on how much emotional or physical energy is put into it, it manifests and animates in the real world later.
To do this most effectively, mindset is the key.  You have to believe.
To do this when there are so many things that do not look like a beautiful, fresh hunk of clay but look more like destruction, may seem like a feat.  But it is much less so when you step back and step above the situation.  This is the skill of moving out of the role of victim to see truth... 

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