Saturday, March 29, 2014

a request for clarity


Two situations are currently not presenting any clarity to me. They both matter to me and I ask for your support, light, prayers in reaching clarity. I spoke with a consultant yesterday who highly recommends I not pursue the two websites I had taken months to choose the names for, but rather consolidate to one site. This would mean choosing a new site what would honor both intentions, my conscious parenting as well as my intent to guide others to remember themselves as the love that they are. Please hold with me that I discover the ideal integration of these two.
Also the cat we caretake for, Panther, is not well. She is feral and has intermittently trusted us, allowed us to touch her. She is laying around and is clearly not well. It would be quite difficult and undoubtedly traumatic to capture her to take her to a vet. I have no clarity yet what she would prefer. Please join with me in sending her light and healing and in gaining clarity about what would best serve her. Thank you.

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