Monday, March 3, 2014

irritants and the Divine masculine

I have had so many irritants lately that if I were allowed to complain I might call it a conspiracy! They range from the serious to the mundance. Luckily I have recently finished a book called Oneness by Rasha and she talks about this phenomena. Also luckily it was toward the end of the book so I am hoping it is one of the last phases of this monstrous, opps, I meant amazing journey. So for a few weeks one thing or another pops up to freak me out or drive me nuts. They usually have to do with things I do not know how to resolve. Figuring them out is forcing me into restoring my Divine Masculinity to greater wholeness. Just this morning my bathroom door jammed shut on a partially opened drawer. The entrance is so narrow that a drawer that is right next to the door jammed the door closed even though it was only open about an inch and even though the door was more than willing to close, just not to reopen. So initially I felt literally panic and unsure what to do. My mind raced. I tried to come from an outside window but it was only narrowly open and I couldn't get the screen off. I immediately forced myself to calm down and slow down. I decided to let it go, leave for yoga as planned and deal with it when I returned. I also called my trusty wasband for advice and he did offer to help me when next he is here (thank you). I got back, realized my screen idea was a bust, the window idea wouldn't work and felt flummoxed. I then decided in my new, this is it and I am not going to budge way that I was going to get it open, not my daughter, not my wasband, not a handyman.  I tried a few more things before I stuck a very long knife into the barely open crack, jammed it into the wood drawer and shoved the drawer back a bit.  SUCCESS! I go into detail as I feel like at least 3-4 times a day I am clueless how to resolve some dilemma. It seems to be just part of the process (oh joy). It seems to serve a few purposes; resetting the nervous system to neutral, rebalancing Divine Masculine and Feminine, forcing me to realize I am way more capable than I think and a few other things which I know forgot. The point being that now when I decide a crisis is not a crisis, calm down, slow down and shift gears, the situation seems to immediately resolve itself. Just passing this on in case you find yourself in the same boat.

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