Wednesday, March 26, 2014

love this!

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some notes from his talk that I consider super valuable:

Yoho when get a bill get excited as opportunity showing new abundance; bill proves I’m abundant small number on credit card is all they are asking for, I have that smaller mount I have it therefore I am abundant and rich, I have everything I need exactly when I need it; whooho I’m wealthy; 3 months transform reality, windfall created and it did in three months; when see something willing to go for it relentlessly; notice all abundance in others;  abundance; manifestation cosmic word game; I love you to yourself and to everyone; “life will pay you to not worry when you spend your time loving yourself”, life cosmic word game, all words have energy, the words you say most often to yourself dictate how you feel about yourself and thus how the world sees you; there is no world just reflections of how you see yourself then you call forth actors to treat you the way you feel about yourself most often; “life is a play but are you playing yet?or are you lost in the play?” once you get everything you desire materially then life takes on a much bigger picture and you desire all beings around you to have the same joy and abundance you are experiencing; the kingdom is your own heart and you enter the kingdom by giving love to your own heart and becoming the safest person for you to be around one I love you at a time; the love revolution is the only way for this to unfold “I love you, every time you say it, your barriers your walls, your inner imprisonment dissolves. I love you, I love you”

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