Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy spring/ autumn

The season changes today either to spring or fall, depending on your hemisphere. In northern California the weather is glorious and I am slowly emerging out of 
flatland. An amazing opportunity is peeping out and indicates the possibility of my deepest dream and vision becoming a reality. I am delighted by how I can accept that a huge and previously almost unimaginable vision may drop into physical reality in the not too distant future. At sacred dance today tears of joy bathed my cheeks at almost the exact moment of the season change. SO much is transforming so quickly internally I cannot even comment on it. My new gardening joy has me surrounded by flowers and the scent of jasmine. The birds are serenading me. My very early birthday gift of a sensuous mermaid delights my eyes (thanks Janah). I feel a major paradigm shift underway. I sense huge opportunities about to unfold. I hope you will join me in celebration. Our bunny Moonlight literally just jumped on my lap as I was typing to add her greetings. Now that is a definite sign of a new fertile energy bathing us. ENJOY!


  1. I just love this Savannah. Happy spring and enjoy:)
    Love from Malene in Norway where the spring is not here yet, but soon:)

  2. Where in Norway? Delighted to meet you Malene. I love Norway. I had a boyfriend for 5 years from Norway, Stavanger. We visited and got to see many beautiful places and cruise on the fiords. So spectacular. Hopefully spring reaches you soon.
    Turns out my day got better and better, many dreams seem to be arriving simultaneously. Delicious.