Monday, March 3, 2014

letting go of complaining

 I heard a sermon yesterday about complaining. The ministers suggested letting it go. She offered the imagery of a person getting off a plane and bitching and moaning about the flight. Another person gets off the same plane and shares how grateful they are to be with the people who have picked him/her up. They share how thrilled they are to be visiting. The minister asked who you would prefer to greet. I had just been reflecting on how much easier my life  is when the people around me don't complaint, do keep a more neutral or positive attitude. It feels so much easier. Mind you, I am a reformed drama queen so I know my canning the bitching makes others' lives easier. So I have committed to erasing my remaining complaints. The complaining is way down from previous years yet I can still bitch about ascension, being tired, anything that still stirs up anxiety or overwhelm. So the exercise the minister suggested is to wear a bracelet and switch the special bracelet I am wearing if I complaint about anything, to my other wrist as a physical reminder to cool it. I do this until I am 21 days complaint free. I imagine it will have a wonderful impact on my energy. Let's have a party; time to free ourselves from the heaviness of the ascension journey as much as possible. Feel free to join me. I am curious to experiment.

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