Tuesday, March 4, 2014

feel good

You can feel good all the time. You can be happy all the time. It occurs once you realize that feeling good and being happy has absolutely nothing to do with what you want. To only be happy and feel good when you get what you want is the definition of hell. Equally so, to be happy and feel good, whether or not you get what you want is the discovery of heaven. This is why heaven and hell both exist in the same eternal space. In its most simple terms, it has nothing to do with what you want, but how attached you are to getting what you want that determines the quality of your experience. www.truedivinenature.com

In its most simple terms, awakening is forgetting what you want and enlightenment is forgetting how to want. This is realized, simply by recognizing the center of ego, as the seeking, maintaining and defending of what you’ve always wanted. As ego dissolves, the idea of wanting unravels and can be seen as a limiting belief that suggests how much better you’ll feel once different circumstances, outcomes and characters show up in your life. The more ego dissolves, you begin to see how untrue this belief happens to be. In reality, you won’t feel better once different things show up, since you only feel limited, insecure, disconnected from Source, unlovable, fearful, sad, arrogant, angry, or defeated as a result of waiting for different things to show up.

In the absence of believing that you’ll feel better once different things appear in your life, the idea of wanting unravels – leaving you with nothing to seek, maintain, or defend. This is the grace of true heartfelt liberation. It helps you see that when caught in the grip of endless wants, you become equally fearful of whatever threatens to take it from you. Once you’re afraid of losing something, most moments in time are preoccupied with seeking whatever you believe will make you feel differently or anticipating the demise of whatever you’re afraid to lose. As liberation dawns in your heart, you don’t stop wanting or avoid it in any way. Instead, you suddenly find yourself forgetting what you want or even how to want it. If you forgot what you wanted or even how to want it, how could happiness be taken from you?

No matter the spiritual path that you choose to explore, the grace of true liberation is often revealed in silence. This is because the act of being silent is one of the most direct ways to unravel the belief that you want and must acquire whatever you imagine. When you no longer believe that you’ll feel differently once different circumstances, outcomes or characters show up in your life, you are free to experience the passion of wanting without an attachment to seeking, maintaining, or defending anything at all. From this space, you will also be able to consciously use your imagination without forcing yourself to believe that you want or even need whatever comes to mind.

While liberation is a wonderful relief once it is revealed, it cannot ever be exactly what you’ve wanted it to be. Otherwise, a brand new ego structure has been created, where the game continues in a different costume, often times, in search of spiritual things to want, seek, maintain and defend. www.truedivinenature.com

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