Friday, March 14, 2014

new eyes, solar flares, comatose, shifts on blog

I had a dream fragment pop in my head upon waking. I found a forgotten glass case and inside were my favorite pair of gorgeous glasses that I had also forgotten about. I was so happy to find them.

I sense the dream is telling me forgotten vision is being restored to me. My ability to see is being renewed. Yesterday was rough as my level of exhaustion was so intense that the fog was incapacitating. I later read there was one or more large solar flares, surprise, surprise. My daughter says I blame everything on solar flares and perhaps I do. Yet yesterday was major ouch.
I am understanding in all new ways how my thoughts, words, emotions, vision create my reality so I am shifting one aspect of the way I write this blog. Part of my purpose has been to reduce feelings of shame or aloneness for others by being transparent about my inner world. Yet now that I am  more clear than ever that  those words are shaping my lived experience combined with my current practice of no complaining, in the future I will most likely NOT being sharing my challenges as I do not want to give them any further energy or attention, knowing they create my future. 

I noticed after the pummeling yesterday that my body was so much more fluid and graceful at my NIA dance class today. I was delighting with my own movement. I am also being bathed in a scrumptious new optimism, faith, certainty all is well. Mind you I have little physical evidence to base this on, particularly financially yet little giggles of joy are permeating my being and I feel myself slowly popping out of flatland, at least in this moment. I am seriously considering buying myself a beguiling new hat just because spring is in the air.

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