Thursday, March 6, 2014

limbo and compliment

Feeling bit bizarre lately in weird limbo state varying from boredom, to indifference, to unclarity. It is as though everything in my life is under review and each element of my life goes off line with me being bored or indifferent to it or pissed off at it. Then later I must decide to bring it back into my life. Every relationship has been affected, even my life purpose. Finally got my conscious parenting class going, a long held dream and I was strangely indifferent even not wanting it. Loved it as it happened yet still can’t really care about it. Fluctuating each relationship to see if it truly lines up. Started divorce proceedings yesterday ending 23 1/2 year relationship 3 years and 3 days after separating. At peace with it.
This limbo state is hard to navigate, major reboot under way.

I got a very valuable compliment yesterday. My 13 year old told me she was glad I was a therapist. When I asked her why she said because I was so wise. Praise indeed from a teenager!


  1. Great compliment, indeed! You are raising a lovely daughter.


  2. thank you. She is my greatest teacher.