Friday, September 20, 2013

trusting and opening to the portals- ending the resistance/fear

Here is what the latest portal taught me. I have been intending to allow the contractions of energy yet I have been plugging my nose, kicking and screaming, scared as all get out, wishing it would end, fearing it would never end, screaming, “Oh shit….” So clear right now what gifts the portals bring that I now intend to fully allow with grace any future appearances of what feels like hell/descent yet what always turns out to be a wondrous present. I am also so aware of how I try to control the process, seeing myself in the driver’s seat when I am ever more fully realizing that I am clueless, thank God, and just along for the ride. Once I set my intent, I have to take my hand’s off the wheel and just flow. Not so easy but each energy burst with the accompanying pain of resistance, persuades me to surrender ever more fully with greater trust. I am ready to trust the whole enchilada, having seen over and over, that each contraction is followed by a powerful, life changing expansion.  Whoa! What a ride!
Awaiting with wonder whatever shows up on the other side of the equinox. Sending warm blankets of love and so much compassion for those feeling lost in the dark, savannah

And something I came across (unfortunately no longer know where)

The Sonship (a name for the combination of us all) is in service now.  The Spiritual Ego tries to trick us into looking for a purpose for our lives.  It tricks us into seeking more than we have and tells us that we need something outside of us to be enough. This is a lie. Love is enough, living in Love is enough. We have all we need to learn to live in Love. The lineage will speak to us when there is a lowering of the vibrational field, when we have the thoughts of doubt. It’s fruitless to believe there’s something wrong…we’re waiting for it to be “happy” when Happy is waiting for us to be… J (Jeshua)

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