Wednesday, September 18, 2013

more tips for greater ease

We’re having these extraordinary times of opening expansion of consciousness, and in order to do that, you get these nice little compressed pockets of release in the mind, in the body, in the emotion, and if you’re having that your bang on track.

The fastest way to deal with any of this stuff is going to be you and your body.You’re your own Master. But the fastest way is for you to just go, “Ooh, crazy thoughts.”

First of all, you have to be aware enough to notice the thoughts are crazier. Then, go into the body and ask yourself “Where in the body am I feeling this?” Or don’t even ask yourself. Just go, “Ah! It’s fear. I’ll sit, hands on stomach. I’ll breathe. I’ll sit on the floor.”

Zapharia said a long time ago that if you can sit yourself on the Earth, your bum on the Earth, you connect right into the root of the Earth, and it will help a lot with the planetary shifts that we’re going through right now, because so much energy is coming from in the Earth up, pulsing through us. So if you can actually connect your root onto the Earth outside, or if you can’t get outside, even you’re up high in a house, just sit on the floor, it gives this base something to ground into while you’re trying to open and release your energy. ~~Lee, from Opening Beyond Fear

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