Monday, September 23, 2013

Lee Harris practice for creating the life of your dreams

Imagine yourself now living the life you wish where everything is in place - your love, your work, finance, your relationship with this world, with the people around you, with nature and the Earth. How does that feel? Again, close your eyes and imagine this experience. See it all around you. How does that feel?

Practice this as a daily meditation accessing this feeling of wholeness, of wholeheartedness. For the more you access this feeling, the more you will bring this feeling toward yourself as a daily reality. It is like meditation. The more you meditate, the higher your consciousness becomes and the more permanent your state of deeper connection becomes. This works in the same way. If you are regularly accessing this feeling that your life is fully abundant then you are carrying that energy with you wherever you go. That is the key. Zachary through Lee, from Abundance and 'Energy Speaks'

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