Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equinox portal- welcome Home

My understanding this is is a huge portal where the cage door has been thrown up. Don't be surprised if if does not yet feel yummy. These are indeed intense times!
I did a ritual with fairy dust, full moon water and fire to celebrate the passage. I called on ease and grace for all of us. I celebrate each of you and your courage for getting this far. Know that you are loved and adored, that you are magnificent, a masterpiece. Love yourself, it is the answer.


Wasn't exactly feeling the equinox celebration so I asked for a clear sign the cage door was truly open, that we know had the absolute possibility of freedom. I decided to ask for a very specific sign, a bird to hover near me, preferably a hummingbird. Arrived within 2 minutes, right above my head!! Now that is a sign and helps cement my trust.
I went back outside at sunset and the minute I laid in my hammock, six separate flock of geese flew DIRECTLY over my head. Their belly's were lit by the sun. They were honking their heads of. Several flock were huge. Three in a row with a minute or two pause then three more, another pause and then another a bit off to the left. Now I call that a sign too. I heard them honk loudly for quite some time. So powerful.

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